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How to choose a left-handed gun holster

What are left-handed holsters?

Left-handed gun holsters are handgun holsters designed specifically for left-handed shooters or anyone who prefers left hand draw. It’s also important to point out that left hand gun holsters are made for all sorts of firearms, not just for left handed guns.

How do left-handed holsters work?

Gun holsters for left-handed shooters work pretty much the same as right-handed gun holsters, only they’re attached the opposite wait holsters for right-handed shooters are. For example, dominant side left-handed OWB holsters are attached to your left hip, while a right handed holster for strong side carry is mounted to the right hip. This is how all left-handed holsters work when it comes to strong side carry.

If you prefer cross-body gun carry, however, then you should know left-handed cross-draw holsters are always attached to your right hip, while right-handed cross-draw rigs are mounted to your left hip. Such a way of attaching a left hand cross draw holster onto your gun belt means you can easily draw your gun with your dominant hand across the body. Left-handed shoulder holsters work the same way as left handed cross body holsters, meaning your gun is always carried in a shoulder holster for left-handed shooters under your right armpit.

Right hand draw from a left-handed holster

It’s not advisable to use left-handed holsters for right-hand draw and the other way round, although it’s not entirely impossible. Some gun holsters can be worn both outside and inside the waistband, especially those that are equipped with a holster clip that can be attached to each side of your holster. This left handed IWB Suede Holster is the best example of a holster that can be used for both right and left-handed carry.

What are the main types of left-handed holsters?

Just like right handed gun holsters, holsters for left-handed shooters can be divided into two main categories: concealed carry left-handed holsters and left-handed holsters for open carry. When it comes to left-handed CCW holsters, these divide into a number of wearing styles, depending on the way the holster is attached to your body. For example, appendix left-handed holsters as well as left-handed IWB holsters are mounted from inside your pants, which makes them the best choice as far as left-handed concealed carry goes. Left-handed shooters can also conceal carry in left-handed shoulder holsters or even OWB left handed holsters, provided they have an easy-to-conceal construction.

Besides left-handed outside the waistband holsters, other popular left-handed open carry holsters are left-handed duty holsters, left-handed paddle holsters, and left-handed drop leg holsters. These are a popular choice especially among left-handed Law Enforcement and Military members. When it comes to hunters, they can select from a range of left-handed chest holsters or even left-handed SOB holsters.

When it comes to the material left-handed holsters are made of, the main types are left-handed leather holsters, Kydex left-handed holsters, left-handed nylon holsters, and left-handed hybrid holsters.

What are left-handed light-bearing holsters and left-handed red dot holsters?

Light-bearing left-handed holsters are specifically molded for left-handed carry of guns with tactical lights or lasers. This means you can now carry in a left-handed Streamlight TLR-1 or left-handed Crimson Trace holster. If your pistol is equipped with a red dot sight, you should get a red dot left-handed holster, but if you carry both a tactical light and handgun optics, you can now choose from all sorts of left-handed light and red dot holsters.

What are the best left-handed holsters?

The best left-handed holsters are always custom molded to fit your gun like a glove and they allow for a convenient left-hand draw. As far as material goes, we believe any left-handed shooter will enjoy carrying their gun in a leather left-handed holster as they can be shaped for pretty much any handgun. If you haven’t decided where to buy left-handed holsters yet, then you should know Craft Holsters offers left-handed holsters for over 2,200 semi-auto pistols and revolvers.

Here’s a short list of the best left-handed holsters available at Craft Holsters and some advice on how to choose the best left-handed holsters:

Features of left-handed gun holsters

  • Made to meet the needs of left-handed shooters
  • Convenient left-hand draw
  • Custom molded for perfect, glove-like fit
  • Available for all types of left-handed carry styles
  • Available for over 2,200 gun models
  • Available for semi-auto pistols and revolvers
  • Made of leather, kydex, or nylon
  • In mahogany and black colors
  • Suitable for open & concealed carry
  • Entirely handmade and hand-engraved
  • Double-stitched for increased durability
  • Backed up by Lifetime Warranty

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