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Level 2 Duty Holster Set (Light/Laser)

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This custom nylon & kydex light-bearing duty set is designed for all the Law Enforcement and Military professionals who want to carry their work EDC with comfort and great fit.

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This custom nylon & kydex light-bearing duty set is designed for all the Law Enforcement and Military professionals who want to carry their work EDC with comfort and great fit. The highlight of this set is the Belt Side Kydex Holster for Gun with Light or laser. As the light-bearing duty kydex holster is attached to a plastic platform, it rides quite low on the belt, leaving ample room for the rest of your EDC and making your pistol easily accessible even if you carry a tactical vest or jacket. To secure the best fit possible, the holster is molded on the exact replica of your firearm and tactical attachment. The holster features an open-top design so that you can have your service handgun constantly at the ready.

This kydex/nylon duty holster bundle also features the Premium Double Mag Pouch. The nylon ammo holder takes in two extra magazines. The pouch features a closed-top design, but your spare clips will still be easily accessible as it features a Velcro closing system. The closing flaps are also cushioned with a layer of leather, which makes it look much more stylish than regular nylon pouches.

Another key part of the set is the Tactical Double Belt with Metal Buckle. Just like the name suggests, the belt consists of two parts - inner and outer belt. The belt is super durable, but its sturdiness doesn’t come at the cost of its elegance. This leather gun belt for duty carry is 2’’ wide, which is why the rest of the set is also compatible with 2 inches wide gun belts.

Apart from the holster, double mag pouch, and sturdy duty gun belt, the bundle also features other useful duty gear items such as a mace pouch, nylon handcuffs pouch with a closing flap, a tactical flashlight holder, a telescopic baton holder, and a set of nylon belt keepers. All of the included products are entirely handmade of premium, multilayered nylon and sewn together with high-quality German threads.

Note - Please, note that the holster, mag pouch, handcuffs pouch, tactical flashlight pouch, telescopic baton holder and belt keepers are compatible with 2’’ wide gun belts. However, it’s best if you attach these to the nylon duty gun belt included in the set.

Belt size guide - Before selecting the correct belt length, make sure you properly measure your waist circumference. Then, select the belt size that indicates the sizing interval your waist circumference falls under. Each belt size in the "size" drop-down menu comes with two values. The value on the left indicates what's the smallest waist size the given belt size is appropriate for. The value on the right indicates the largest waist size the given belt size will fit. Example - If your waist circumference is 33.4'', you should select the size S. If it's more than 35.4'', you should pick the size M.
  • A great EDC set for on-duty carry
  • Meant for Police officers and Military members
  • Made of genuine US kydex and premium nylon
  • Light-bearing kydex duty holster included
  • For on-duty professionals who carry a light or laser
  • Includes a double magazine pouch
  • Sturdy duty nylon gun belt
  • Pouch for expandable telescopic batons
  • 40ml Pepper spray pouch
  • Handcuffs and tactical flashlight holders included
  • 2’’ wide gun belt + 2’’ wide belt openings on each item
  • A set of belt keepers for extra stability
  • Available in black color
  • Premium Warranty

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