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Small Of Back Holsters

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Small Of Back Holsters

Small of back holsters, epitomizing convenience and comfort, stand as a favorite choice for many gun enthusiasts. These holsters, which conveniently fit at the small of your back, can be an excellent option for concealed carry, offering a blend of safety and accessibility. At Craft Holsters, we offer a variety of small of back holster options accommodating your preferences and comfort.

What is a Small of Back Holster?

In the world of firearm accessories, the small of back holster, often abbreviated as SOB holster, is a unique category. Positioned at the small of the back, these gun holsters are designed for concealed carry, offering discretion and comfort simultaneously. These SOB holsters are popular among civilians for their sleek design and the security they offer, especially when opting for a middle of the back holster that melds seamlessly with different attire styles.

Main Features of Small of Back Holsters

  1. A perfect blend of discretion and style
  2. Ideal for concealed carry, especially as a small of the back holster inside pants
  3. Allows for comfortable carry, even for extended periods
  4. Facilitates easy and swift access to your firearm
  5. Enables carrying in different orientations, including horizontal and inverted positions
  6. Suitable for various handgun sizes, given their flexible build
  7. Often includes additional compartments for ammo storage
  8. Great for year-round carry, offering easy concealment options

Types of Small of Back Holsters

There are several types of small of back holsters you might want to consider, each catering to a different carry need and situation.

Inside Pants Small of Back Holsters

With a design that fits snugly inside your pants, these holsters are perfect for those who prioritize concealment without sacrificing quick access to their firearm.

Traditional SOB Holsters

Often preferred for their classic look and feel, these sob holsters offer a comfortable and secure option for carrying your firearm with ease.

Adjustable Small of Back Holsters

Offering multiple carry options, these small of back holsters are perfect for those looking for a customizable carry option that can be altered according to personal comfort and preference.

Materials Utilized in Crafting Small of Back Holsters

At Craft Holsters, we are committed to offering only the best materials for your SOB holster needs, which in our case are mainly leather small of back rigs.

Leather SOB Holsters

Crafted with premium Italian leather, our small of back leather holsters offer durability and a stylish appearance.

Small of Back Holsters FAQ

How to wear a small of back holster?

To wear a small of back holster, position it at the small of your back, either inside or outside your pants depending on the design. Ensure it is snugly fitted and comfortably positioned to facilitate easy draw and concealment.

How to draw from a small of back holster?

Drawing from a small of back holster involves reaching behind your back to the holster position, getting a firm grip on the gun handle, and drawing it smoothly, ready to aim. It's essential to practice this motion to ensure safety and efficiency.

What is the best small of back holster?

The best SOB holster would be one that perfectly aligns with your firearm’s specifications and provides sufficient carry comfort and retention. The best ones on our offer are:

  1. Small of Back Holster - Grizzly
  2. Holster w 3 Carry Positions

How to break in a small of back holster?

If you get one of our SOB holsters molded exactly for your gun, you most probably won’t have to bother with holster break-in. However, in case your new holster feels a bit too tight, just follow our Break-in Guide. And if you don’t have any break-in solution at hand, feel free to get our Small Break-in Kit, which comes with everything you need for a successful holster break-in.
Small Of Back Holsters Small Of Back Holsters Small Of Back Holsters

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