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About us


In the beginning we have set one ultimate mission - to bring custom made holsters to everyone. Why? Because each responsible gun owner deserves a custom made holster for his or her handgun.

We took years of family tradition and expertise in leathercraft and added a modern approach to it, creating something that was lacking in the custom holsters world.


We chose the best European holster manufacturers that use the finest materials such as Italian leather or German threads and have decades of experience in leather craftsmanship to create a new standard in custom made holsters.

The new standard combined with our large gun list mean that custom holsters are more available and still keep the quality of work on the highest level.


Our aim is to provide you with a large custom holsters offer that proves that you don’t have to sacrifice the quality or make any other compromises to create custom made holsters.

Our holsters are meant to be for the everyday good guy with a gun type of person, people like you and us. Join us on this journey and get yourself a custom made holster for your firearm. 

Each Holster Has A Story

Each holster has its own story. Protecting the lives of loved ones or protecting the property, serving people in law enforcement or just being there for the fun at the range - the stories vary but they are backed up by quality and honest work which we take pride in.

Start writing your own story and rely on traditional craftsmanship, the best materials and craftsmen. Remember, everyone deserves the quality of custom made holsters and we got your back.


I recently received my new holster. It's a pancake style holster. I love it. I've looked for ever to find a holster for my gun. The fit is perfect, the quality is supreme, the holster rides high and comfortable. I don't even know I have it on. Form and fit are excellent, as is the quality. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. After having seen your quality and fit I can assure I'll be ordering more in the future as your customer service is absolutely brilliant and helpful. My only problem is which handgun! Thank you so much.