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We are proud to offer you worldwide shipping using 3 effective methods such as Courier, Courier Express and Economy shipments with the same shipping costs for the whole world. Plus, don't forget there is a free shipping options for Holsters Club™ members.

  • Courier Express shipping starts from $24. The Delivery takes 3 - 4 business days (plus production time) excluding weekends and holidays and is provided by DHL. Orders shipped by DHL Express are traceable through
  • Courier shipping starts from $16. The delivery takes 5 - 6 business days (plus production time) excluding weekends and holidaysand is provided by DHL. Orders shipped by DHL Standard are traceable through
  • Economy shipment starts at $10. The delivery takes 3 - 4 weeks (plus production time). Orders shipped by Economy shipment offer a relative low cost for a worldwide shipment. 
  • We also offer free Economy shipment for members of the Holsters Club™. Sign Up now to become a member and claim more benefits than just free shipping.

Please note that deliveries to remote locations may take extra 1 - 2 days and that DHL may sometimes change the final delivery company if the delivery area is remote.