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The Process 

Our Custom Shop let’s you be a part of the whole holster creation process - from designing and choosing the leather up to the last finishing touches on the holster. Becoming a part of the craft let’s you understand the choices that are made in order to make a truly custom design.

The finest full grain leather that is cut, molded and sewn by the hands of our court craftsman will withstand the tests of time and you will have your firearm safe, secure, retained and at the ready in your own holster.

The Quality

Each piece of full grain leather hand cut and hand molded, each needle hole hand stamped, each thread hand sewn in. Each layer of color and balsam hand applied, each holster hand made from scratch to finish.

The materials chosen by our craftsmen are top notch materials and a large portion of our craftsmans work a tribute to the work of famous American pioneers of leathercaft such as Al Stohlman and many more. You truly are in for the most custom of experiences,

The Craftsman

"I always try to understand the customers in order to understand the holster I'm making for them." Our court craftsman has been fascinated with firearms since he was 14 and joined the Law Enforcement after graduation.

His love for handguns and leather can be seen in each of his works and it's suffice to say he leaves a large poriton of himself in each of his holsters. He continues the tradition of original American pioneers of leathercraft, works with the best materials that the New World can offer and uses the best and time-proven techniques.


The Holsters


The John Wayne Holster

The first holster is a tribute to where it all began, to a time in which holsters became an unthinkable part of daily life. Holsters went hand in hand with first handgun models and became more and more functional. Decoration of the holster was something that gave you status.

The John Wayne holster is a sherridan styled holster that pays tribute to the old times with full grain leather, hand made decorations that were stamped with tools made in the US and designed by Al Stohlman and painted by hand with special leather paints manufactred in the USA as well. 

The Fallout Holster

The never ending arms race peaked in the Cold War era. The fear of waking up to a mushroom cloud in the distance was a real threat to people in the not so distant past. This holster pays homage to the power of the atom and the destruction that it can bring.

If you are having post-apocalyptic vibes you'll appreciate the details of the holster such as the radioactive warning sign that is a copy of the sign above the Chernobyl nuclear plant entrance. Gas mask is a mandatory addition, and as with all our custom holsters, both the decorations were hand stamped. 

The Rugged Holster

The story behind this custom holster truly starts with the leather. The piece of cowhide that our craftsman used was extremely sturdy, rugged and could not be smoothened. Thus the rugged holster was created. Nonetheless its a perfectly retaining and unique holster with  all the flaws and imperfections.

The decision not to discard this project was a good one as the end result has a very unique look that was upgraded with a hand stamped flower at the opening. It's perfect for your rugged 1911.

The Floral Holster

The idea behind the Floral holster was to combine the beauty of mahogany leather and add a finishing touch to make the holster stand out. This holster is hand painted with special leather colors that not only serve as a paint but also serve as a protection from the outside factors.

The floral detail on the holster opening is just an extra added touch of style and have in mind that it was hand stamped and colored, each petal "grew" under the hands of our craftsman.

The Gentleman's Holster

The Gentleman's holster is a tribute to all things that suit a man. The holster is simple, elegant, decent in style with an added finishing detail to make it stand out. The darker coloring is in contrast with the white hand sewn threads that are waxed in order to last a lifetime.

A proper gentleman dressed in a tailored suit should be able to protect himself and his loved ones. This holster is a great choice as it has a slim pancake profile and a darker color. 


Starting at $299

All of our Custom Shop holsters are one-of-a-kind, which means they are unique in both design and material.
The price of each holster depends also on the added material (such as gold or gemstones) and the craft difficulty. 

If you'd like to create your own Custom shop holster, 
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