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Premium Holsters Care Kit

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Should I Buy The Premium Holsters Care Kit?

If you are looking for a complete care kit for your leather holster this is the right thing for you.

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"Great leather holster care kit. Has all you need to keep your holster in tip top shape."

— Doug R Read all 80 Reviews

Premium Holsters Care Kit Description

The Premium Holsters Care Kit is designed specifically for leather holster’s break-in, care and subsequent maintenance. It includes everything you need to make your holster last as long as possible and retain its original quality. This care kit will take care of the occasional scratches on your leather holster and it will slow down and repair any damage your holster might suffer over the years of constant use. The kit contains the following - Break-in liquid, Leather Conditioner, Leather Balm, Dauber, Microfiber Sponge, and a Wool Pag. The kit also comes with printed instructions for both proper break-in and future maintenance of your holster.

  • The break-in liquid helps to loosen up the key leather parts such as the thumb break strap and it plays a crucial role in a proper holster break-in procedure. It's a solution that can be used on any kind of fresh leather that requires a bit of loosening. It can be applied with any fabric or it can be applied with the dauber included in the kit to reach the inside of the holster properly.

  • The leather conditioner takes care of any scratches or bruises on your holster and it also conditions the leather. It can be applied by the sponge or wool pad included in the kit.

  • The leather balm takes care of the finish of your leather holster. At the same time, it rejuvenates the look of the holster and brings out the shine of the leather. If you carry out a proper holster maintenance using the leather balm every now and then, your leather holster will look fresh and it will remain in a very good condition even after years of use. It can be also applied either by the sponge or wool pad included in the kit.

For proper leather holster break-in and maintenance, follow the instructions inside the Premium Holsters Care Kit.

  • Premium kit for leather holster break-in and maintenance
  • Very easy to use
  • Break-in Liquid
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Leather Balm
  • Dauber
  • Microfibre Sponge
  • Wool Pad
  • Leather holster break-in and care instructions included
  • Produced by Craft Holsters

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