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Holster w 3 Carry Positions

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This is an excellent 3 in 1 holster as it offers a number of different carry positions - OWB, SoB, and cross-draw. The holster comes with a reinforced thumb break strap, which improves its retention and security. Moreover, the tension screw(s) let you adjust the holster's retention to your liking.

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"This is my second Holster w 3 Carry Positions. The first one was really tight. I failed to break in the leather properly and thus never achieved the fit I sought for my weapon. I have a Bersa 380 Plus. Now, I also have the Bersa 380 CC with 6 + 1. Now, that fits perfectly. The difference between these two is the placement of the magazine disconnect button. Having said all of these is to say this. I purchased the second holster and took my time to break the holster properly. I used two ziplock bags. I set in the weapon and really had to push it into the holster without the thumb snap being engaged. I let it sit for 24 hours. Several times, I pulled the weapon out and back into the holster, still in the ziplock bags. After 48 hours, I could set the weapon into the holster to engage the thumb break. After 72 hours, I removed one of the two ziplock bags and kept working the weapon in and out of the holster several more times. Finally, after 96 hours, I was able to acquire the proper fit I had set out to achieve. The final step in this breaking procedure was using a good leather paste to soften the inside of the holster—no more issues. The Bersa 380 Plus sits in the holster and can engage the thumb snap without any issues. I use the first or original Holster with three Carry Positions for my Bersa 380 6 + 1."


This custom leather holster is designed for outside the waistband carry. Just like its name suggests, the holster can be used in 3 different carry positions - dominant side, cross-draw, and small of the back. The holster probably works best as SOB carry, offering a very quick and convenient palm-in draw. The entire holster is made of genuine Italian leather and sewn together with high-quality German threads. The key parts of the holster are even double-stitched, which makes this holster one of the most durable OWB holsters. The holster is handmade and wet-molded on the exact replica of your handgun. This type of production results in a unique, custom feel. Moreover, the way the holster is molded also delivers a perfect, glove-like fit.

This custom leather holster features an open-muzzle design. The top of the holster is equipped with a thumb break, quick release strap. The strap is reinforced so that it offers high security and it also retains its shape even after many years of use. The holster is attached to one’s belt via 2 belt slots on the backside of the holster. The belt slots are 1.5’’ wide and the holster is compatible with gun belts of the same width. Depending on the size of the handgun you will order the holster for, it is equipped with 1 or 2 tension screws. However, no matter what the number of the tension screws is, the safety and retention of your firearm will be equally high.

If the holster is carried attached to one’s dominant side, it offers a vertical 90 degree draw angle. When used as a cross-draw holster, the cant is slightly forward-leaning. If utilised for SOB carry, the holster offers a palm-in draw and the gun sits in the holster in a horizontal angle. This great 3 in 1 holster is now available in mahogany and black color. The holster is available for both right and left-handed shooters.

  • OWB carry, Cross-draw & SoB carry
  • Convenient and quick draw
  • Hand made product
  • Custom, glove-like fit
  • Premium Italian leather & high-quality German threads
  • Durable double-stitching on the key parts of the holster
  • Entire barrel covered
  • Great retention
  • Reinforced thumb-break strap for high security and retention
  • Designed for 1.5’’ gun belts
  • Available in mahogany and black color
  • Available for both right and left-handed shooters
  • Produced by Vega Holster

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