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Nylon Roto Shoulder Holster

Code: It. D709/22

Durable Stitching & Construction

Hi-Tech Materials

Layered Functional Nylon

Premium 5 Year Warranty

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This nylo shoulder holster system allows for vertical gun carry, which means you won't endanger anyone standing right behind you. The holster part boasts a unique roto feature, which means your gun and holster are slightly titled upon draw, allowing for a more convenient draw angle. The system also features a counterbalance magazine/speedloader pouch, which means you'll find it difficult to run out of ammo. If you wish to improve the already good balance of this rig, you can make use of the tie-down belt straps.

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"This holster was well worth the wait. I'm a true believer in craftsmanship and craftholsters lived up to their name. Perfect fit and really comfortable."

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This shoulder holster system is a nylon alternative to one of the most popular systems on our offer - Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster System. Just like its leather brother, this shoulder holster system is a combination of what an ideal shoulder rig should deliver - excellent fit, high carry comfort, very convenient draw and durable construction. Construction-wise, this shoulder holster system contains the following - a unique roto-shoulder holster, cross-shoulder harness, double magazine/speedloader pouch, and belt tie-down straps. The most important parts of the system - the main holster body and counterweight pouch - are fully made of the finest Nylon and the key parts of the shoulder rig are sewn together by high-quality threads.

This shoulder holster rig is designed for vertical carry. However, the roto feature, which is the most interesting part of this shoulder holster system, allows for horizontal draw. When the thumb break strap is released, the holster is tilted, which results in both better (horizontal) drawing cant and much quicker draw. Moreover, the roto part of the holster also functions as another protective layer of nylon.

The holster offers a perfect,  glove-like fit for your handgun. The main holster body is built on the exact replica of your pistol or revolver. This makes the fit of the holster both tight and snug at the same time. The harness is adjustable up to XL size, but you can ask for harness customization if you are of a slightly bigger build. The magazine/speedloader pouch this system comes with serves as a counterweight and is also made of premium materials. The belt tie-down strap can be used for improved stability, although this shoulder holster system is well-balanced and stable enough even without it. The rig features removable belt tie-downs

This shoulder holster system comes in black color and it’s available in both right and left-handed versions. Moreover, this custom nylon shoulder holster comes entirely assembled. Please, note that in case of a revolver holster, the counterweight speedloader pouch is designed to fit a standard HKS Speeloader.

Harness customization option - By default, the shoulder harness is adjustable up to the XL size (47’’ chest circumference, 24’’ top shoulder to waist length). In case you need a bigger harness, just enter your request with your measurements in the “your note” field when placing your order.
  • Vertical shoulder carry
  • Roto feature allows for horizontal draw
  • Built on the exact replica of your gun for perfect, glove-like fit
  • Made of premium, functional Nylon
  • Unique roto function for better draw cant and speed
  • Counterweight magazine/speedloader pouch
  • The system comes entirely assembled
  • Premium 5 year warranty

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