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Belly Band Holster For Gun w. Light

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Should I Buy The Belly Band Holster For Gun w. Light?

This light-bearing belly band holster is an excellent choice if you love spending time outdoors and you want to have your pistol equipped with a tactical light or laser constantly at the ready. The belly band comes with ample room for 2 spare magazines. The belly band holster is comfortable to wear and it leaves little to no imprint.

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Belly Band Holster For Gun w. Light Review highlights

"This is a very nice BB holster. The quality is top notch and well thought out. The price is also very fair. The only reason I did not give a 5 star is that for me, I would like to see a little greater elasticity at the ends so you can stretch it a little tighter. This is just a personal preference. I would definitely recommend this offering from Craft"

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Belly Band Holster For Gun w. Light Description

This custom belly band light-bearing holster is designed for waist or stomach carry. This belly band is an ideal choice if you like this style of carry and you use your pistol with a tactical light or laser. The entire belly band is made of multi-layered, functional nylon, which is both durable and breathable. The entire belly band is hand made, which adds quite a unique and custom feel. The material this belly band for concealed carry is made of is tight and resistant, but it’s elastic enough to ensure safe and comfortable carry. The belly band comes with a number of elastic bands. The one dedicated for your pistol with a tac light comes with a Velcro nylon strap, which serves as a retention device. The elastic “pocket” on the other side of the belly band also features a nylon Velcro strap and you can utilize it for storage of extra magazines.

This belly band is designed for deep concealed carry. You can attach it directly onto your skin or T-shirt and you can easily conceal it with an extra layer of clothing. The product adheres very well to the body and it is also very stable when mounted, which is essential for everyday concealed carry. Even when your gun is holstered, the belly band is virtually invisible, leaving no imprint on the covering garment. This belly band is suitable even for full-size pistols and revolvers. The Firm Belly Band holster is now available in black color and in the following sizes - XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Note: Before selecting the correct belly band size, make sure you properly measure your waist circumference. Then, select the size that indicates the sizing interval your waist circumference falls under. Each belly band size in the "size" drop-down menu comes with two values. The value on the left indicates what's the smallest waist size the given belt size is appropriate for. The value on the right indicates the largest waist size the given belly band size will fit. Example - If your waist circumference is 33.4'', you should select the size S. If it's more than 35.4'', you should pick the size M.
  • Belly band holster
  • Ideal for handguns with tactical lights and lasers
  • Premium durable nylon
  • Very tight and resistant material
  • High carry comfort
  • Takes in a gun and 2 extra magazines
  • Enough room for documents
  • Ideal for everyday concealed carry
  • Available in the following sizes - XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL

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