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Belly Band Holsters

Belly Band Holsters

Even though belly band holsters aren’t as commonly used, they might be your best option if you’re looking for super deep concealment. At the same time, custom belly band holsters are an excellent choice for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors and/or engaged in various sports activities.

The main benefit of belly bands is that they are virtually impossible to spot and can be worn even if you don’t have many layers of clothing on. When properly made, these holsters leave little to zero imprint. Moreover, if you choose the correct size of your belly band, it will securely hold your firearm and perhaps make you look even better than you already do.

Belly band holsters are most frequently made of nylon or similar fabrics. As this kind of concealed carry holster is attached directly onto one’s skin, it must be made of breathable material. Belly bands made of premium nylon are also super comfortable to wear.

Custom belly band holsters are a great choice for everyday concealed carry of both semi-automatic pistols as well as revolvers. Most frequently, belly bands are used to hold compact- to mid-sized handguns such as the SIG P365, Springfield Hellcat, or S&W Bodyguard.

A great benefit of belly band holsters is that they often come with ample room for a couple of spare magazines. On top of that, the belly band holsters on our offer will also let you carry some extra stuff such as your personal documents (ID/license).

Belly Band Holsters Belly Band Holsters Belly Band Holsters

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