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Nylon Chest Holster

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This nylon chest holster is a great choice for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors and likes to utilize the belt area for EDC items other than their handgun. The holster is made of high quality nylon, which is not only soft and comfortable to wear, but also extremely durable. This holster is an ideal match especially for bigger pistols and revolvers and it features a flap that's easy to open, allowing for easy and quick access to your gun.

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Review highlights

"I purchased this holster because I wanted one that would protect the pistol from the elements better than my M7 holster when I open carry out in the woods. I found that this holster also much more securely attaches to your torso than the M7 and it angles the barrel further away from your body. I first purchased one for my RIA M200 and liked it so much that I got the cocked and locked version for my 1911. The cocked and locked has a strap that secures between the slide and hammer that prevents accidental discharge by blocking the firing pin from the hammer. I am very happy with my purchases!"


Holster for chest is made for wearing into nature. The holster is attached to the body by shoulder harness and by a strap around the back. The gun is secured in the holster by a security strap and covered by a flap. There is a Molle system. The holster is ideal for bigger guns.

Our skilled craftsmen custom make the holster for your specific handgun, but thanks to the semi-universal holster design it will fit also other guns in the same size category.
  • Chest carry
  • Premium durable nylon
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • Shoulder harness
  • Security strap covered by a flap
  • Ideal for bigger guns
  • Left or right handed
  • Premium 5 year warranty

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