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Tuckable Nylon IWB Holster

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This holster made of soft and breathable nylon is ideal for both strong side IWB as well as appendix carry. However, as it's reinforced with an extra layer of the material, it's also very durable. The holster comes with an extended belt loop strap, which allows you to tuck in a layer of garment, making its concealment significantly easier.

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"It seems to fit well, but, without written and/or pictorial instructions, I don't know what to do with the snap strap. If there were a snap on the opposite side from where the strap is sewn, it would make more sense."

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This nylon holster will be custom made for your firearm out of the finest quality Nylon. The design of the holster makes it a perfect tucked in, deep concealment lightweight holster. The tuckable feature is enabled thanks to a reinforced extra layer of nylon both on the strap and on the housing. The holster adds almost to weight to your belt and features a sweat guard for extra protection of the carrier. The holster also features an open bottom design in order to protect your body. The holster can be made for right or left handed shooters and can be made for both  pistols and/or revolvers.
  • IWB
  • tuckable
  • lightweight material
  • reinforced strap
  • sweat guard
  • Left Or Right Handed
  • Black color
  • 5 Year Warranty

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