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IWB Concealed Holster

It. A107

Brand: Falco Holster

11 Customer Reviews


This open top inside the waistband holster is made out of premium hand molded leather, has a sweat guard to protect the carriers’ body and can be easily put on and off your belt with two belt loops that are opened and closed via a reinforced stud. The two loops add extra stability to the holster. The holster features a reinforced opening and a reinforced sweat guard. This allows easy reholstering once you draw your firearm. The holster is extra stitched on key points. The holster comes in mahogany or black leather, can be made for right or left handed shooters and can be made for both pistols and/or revolvers.
belt loops with studs
open top design
sweat guard
reinforced opening
Left Or Right Handed
Black or Mahogany Leather
5 Year Warranty
Falco Holster

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