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Shoulder Holster System (Light/Laser & Red Dot)

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Should I Buy The Shoulder Holster System (Light/Laser & Red Dot)?

This optics-friendly shoulder holster system provides a perfect fit for your pistol equipped with a tactical light or laser. A great benefit of this light-bearing shoulder rig is the fact that it features a leather cut out to house your red dot device. The system also comes with a double magazine pouch.

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Shoulder Holster System (Light/Laser & Red Dot) Review highlights

"Outstanding holster, the fit was quite tight in the beginning but with a little work it now is perfect. The leather is very thick, nicely tanned and should last a long long time. It did take a while to arrive but certainly worth the wait."

Shoulder Holster System (Light/Laser & Red Dot) Description

This light-bearing leather shoulder holster for guns with red dot sights is designed for shoulder carry of semi auto pistols with various optics devices (lights, lasers, red dots). The holster is meant for horizontal shoulder carry (your gun will be sitting inside the holster in a horizontal position). The system consists of the main shoulder holster part, cross-body shoulder harness and counterbalance double magazine pouch. A great feature of this light shoulder holster system is the fact that the main holster part can be disattached from the harness and used as a regular red dot OWB light-bearing holster.

This shoulder holster is compatible with pretty much any tactical light or laser (check out the list of attachments) as well as red dot, RMR, and reflex sights. Due to the wet-molding techniques applied in production, it will fit your gun with tactical attachments like a glove. The holster is entirely handmade, molded on the exact replica of your pistol and light/laser, resulting in a perfect fit and high natural retention. In order to make it red dot friendly, a part of leather the main holster part is made of has been cut out to provide ample room for your optical device.

The entire holster and magazine pouch are made of premium Italian leather and its key parts are sewn together with high-quality German threads. This shoulder holster also comes with a steel-reinforced quick release strap, which is meant to increase the security of your pistol inside the holster as well as holster’s retention. Just like the holster itself, the double magazine pouch is also molded on the exact replica of your magazines. This shoulder holster system for guns with a light or laser comes in mahogany and black colors and it can be made for both right and left-handed shooters. This shoulder holster system comes entirely assembled. Please, note that in case of a revolver holster, the counterweight speedloader pouch is designed to fit a standard HKS Speeloader.

Harness customization option - By default, the shoulder harness is adjustable from size S up to size XL (33'' - 47’’ chest circumference & 17'' - 24’’ top shoulder to waist length). In case you need a smaller or bigger harness, just enter your request with your measurements in the “Add a Note” field when placing your order. By default, the belt slots are compatible with 0.15'' thick gun belts.
  • Designed for shoulder carry
  • Light-bearing holster (also for lasers)
  • Red dot-friendly holster
  • Premium Italian leather
  • Entirely handmade with a custom fit
  • Steel reinforced thumb-break for increased retention
  • Horizontal carry position
  • Can be used as a standard OWB light red dot holster
  • A great car holster options
  • Ideal for both open and concealed carry
  • For all sorts of flashlights and lasers
  • Available in mahogany and black colors
  • Available for both right as well as left-handed shooters

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