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Ankle Gun Holster

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Should I Buy The Ankle Gun Holster?

This nylon ankle holster is made of soft and breathable material. However, the way it's constructed also secures the holster's durability. The holster is your ideal choice if your primary gun is something smaller. The holster features a removable nylon strap that increases both the holster's retention and safety. The Velcro straps make the holster very stable on one's leg.

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Ankle Gun Holster Review highlights

"Very nice light holster, The firearm is secure in there. Good fit"

— Robert C Read all 21 Reviews

Ankle Gun Holster Description

This custom holster is designed for ankle carry. The holster is made of layered functional nylon and it is a result of fine hand work of our craftsmen. Just like other ankle holsters on our offer, the Ankle Gun Holster is ideal mainly for secondary carry. The holster offers excellent concealment mainly for smaller handguns. However, the holster can be custom made to fit even full-size handguns. The way in which this holster is made secures a perfect, glove-like fit for your handgun. The holster provides deep concealed carry, high carry comfort as well as high security.

This ankle holster features durable stitching and construction. The removable thumb break strap boosts the holster’s retention and fully secures your gun when holstered. The ankle holster also offers great stability. It will sit firmly on your leg thanks to the two adjustable Velcro straps - one needs to be fastened under the knee, the other around the calf. The leg straps can also be customized in case you need a bigger size. In case you are a right handed shooter, you will be carrying the holster wrapped around your right leg (the holster will be facing outwards). In case you are a left-handed shooter, the holster needs to be strapped to your left leg (again facing the outward direction).

This ankle holster is hand made, custom fitted to your gun make. The custom fit is secured by the holster being built on the exact replica of your handgun. This ankle holster is available in black color and for both right and left-handed shooters.

Note: The maximum size of the ankle strap is 9". If you need a bigger size, please enter this information in the “your note” field when placing the order.

  • Designed for ankle carry
  • Ideal secondary gun holster option
  • Deep concealed carry
  • Custom made to fit your gun like a glove
  • High-quality layered functional nylon
  • Two leg straps for increased stability
  • Thumb break strap for increased retention
  • Available in black color
  • Available in right and left-handed version
  • Produced by Falco Holsters

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