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Lowered Ankle Holster

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Should I Buy The Lowered Ankle Holster?

This ankle holster is made of premium Italian leather, which delivers high carry comfort and also a great fit for your handgun. It's an ideal carry option for smaller guns or if you carry a back-up pistol. The holster features a two point attachment system, which improves its stability. If you're looking for a great option for deep concealed carry, you should consider getting this holster.

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Lowered Ankle Holster Review highlights

"Excellent holster!! Little to no break in required. It fit my Colt perfectly. Thanks for the great product!!"

Lowered Ankle Holster Description

This ankle leather holster is specifically designed for deep concealed carry. The ankle holster is made of genuine Italian cow-hide and its key parts are stitched together with high-quality leather. The holster is produced via thermo-molding techniques and it is entirely made by hand, which gives it a unique, custom feel. The holster is molded on the exact replica of your pistol or revolver, which secures a perfect, glove-like fit. The holster comes with a thumb break strap that increases the gun’s security and retention. The strap features a quick release system, so you will be able to draw and reholster your gun very quickly.

The holster is fastened to one’s leg with two adjustable velcro straps. One strap is fastened above the ankle, the other one higher on the leg (in case of bigger guns below the knee). This ankle holster is ideal mainly for secondary carry. The holster is sitting on a suede leather platform, which results in high carry comfort and protection of your skin. The holster offers elastic retention and due to the glove-like fit, your gun will be in no danger of falling out, even if carried upside down. The two leg straps result in a very high stability and significant carry comfort. The gun is carried in a slightly lowered position, which allows for easy access especially when you are ducked. This ankle holster is available in mahogany color. The holster is available for both right and left-handed shooters.

Note - The default size of the attachment straps is as follows - the lower strap is 14’’ long, the upper one 13’’.  If you need a bigger size, enter the information in the “your note” field when placing the order.

  • Designed for ankle carry
  • Ideal secondary gun holster option
  • Deep concealed carry
  • Custom made to fit your gun like a glove
  • Premium Italian leather
  • Two leg straps for increased stability
  • Thumb break strap for increased retention
  • Available in mahogany color
  • Available in right and left-handed version
  • Produced by Vega Holster

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