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Cross Draw Gun Holster

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Should I Buy The Cross Draw Gun Holster?

Do you spend hours on end behind the wheel or perhaps have a desk job? Then this nylon cross-draw holster is your ideal choice. The holster is made of soft, yet very durable nylon and it's also reinforced with a layer of leather, which means it will last your for ages. The holster features a very convenient draw angle and it's greatly balanced on the belt. The attached leather strap increases both holster's security and retention.

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Cross Draw Gun Holster Review highlights

"I have several Craft Holsters and the quality can't be beat. This Tarus GX4 cross draw holster is as good as it gets."

— Stephen Read all 74 Reviews

Cross Draw Gun Holster Description

This nylon holster is a variation of it’s leather cousin. This design is a fan favorite and we decided to bring it to you in a lighter Nylon version. The holster sits on your non-dominant side and you draw across your body. This holster is ideal for people who sit a lot during their daily whereabouts or spend a lot of time in their vehicles. The draw is easy and the reholstering is easy as well thanks to reinforced parts of the holster. The holster is put and held on the belt via 2 belt loops that are wide spread to ensure a good weight distribution. The holster also has a thumb break and is partially covered in leather to ensure better retention and easier draw. The holster can be made for right or left handed shooters and can be made for both  pistols and/or revolvers.

Belt compatibility - This holster is compatible with up to 1.6'' wide gun belts. You can ask for customization of the belt attachment system to fit wider belts through the "your note" field when placing your order.
  • Cross Draw
  • Nylon
  • Ideal car holster
  • Reinforced
  • Thumb break
  • Easy draw and reholstering
  • Left Or Right Handed
  • Black Color
  • Compatible with up to 1.6'' wide belts

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