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Nylon IWB Holster (Red Dot)

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This optics-friendly IWB nylon holster provides high carry comfort, deep concealment, and a perfect, glove-like fit. The holster offers ample room for your red dot attachment and the clip it's equipped with results in easy and convenient attachment of the holster to your belt.

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"Was looking for an inside-the-waistband holster for my M&P shield with the Holosun red dot sight. This one fit the bill. The only issue is the metal clip is a little hard to clip onto my belt, a small adjustment with a pair of pliers fixed that. Would buy again."


This custom nylon red dot holster is designed for inside the waistband or appendix carry of pistols equipped with an optics device. This IWB red dot holster is made of multi-layered, functional nylon that’s both durable and breathable. The entire appendix holster is handmade and the fit is customized so that the holster fits your pistol with the attached red dot, RMR, or reflex sight like a glove. In order to make it red dot friendly, a part of nylon has been cut out to provide ample room for your optical device.

This red dot appendix holster features a steel clip for quick and convenient attachment. The holster also comes in an open-top design, which allows quick and easy access to your firearm. This red dot inside the waistband holster made of nylon offers a straight cant, which means it works best when attached to the 1 o’clock belt position. By default, this holster is compatible with 1.5’’ wide gun belts. The holster is available in black color and it can be made for both right- as well as left-handed shooters.

Note - The holster comes with a steel clip designed for 1.5’’ wide belts. You can ask for customization of the clip through the “your note” field when placing your order. By default, the belt clip is compatible with 0.15'' thick gun belts.
  • Designed for inside the waistband and appendix carry
  • Red dot friendly holster
  • Premium, functional nylon
  • Fits well 1.5’’ wide gun belts
  • Entirely handmade with a custom fit
  • Open top design for quick draw
  • Ideal for 1 o’clock appendix carry
  • Steel clip for quick and easy attachment
  • Available in black color
  • Available for both right as well as left-handed shooters

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