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Drop Leg Nylon Holster (Light/Laser)

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Should I Buy The Drop Leg Nylon Holster (Light/Laser)?

This light-bearing drop leg holster is a great choice for any on-duty professional who carries a firearm equipped with a tactical light or laser. The holster is made of premium nylon and thanks to its semi-universal design, it will fit not only the selected handgun with a tac light/laser, but also guns of a similar size.

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Drop Leg Nylon Holster (Light/Laser) Description

This nylon light-bearing drop leg holster is designed for thigh carry and it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a tactical holster as it takes in your handgun equipped with a tactical light or laser. This drop-leg light holster is made of multi-layered, functional premium nylon. The holster comes with an adjustable and removable Velcro thumb break strap.

The entire holster is handmade and meant to fit your handgun and tactical attachment. However, as it features a semi-universal design, it can be used for handguns and attachments identical or very similar in size to the selected configuration. This tactical drop leg holster for pistols with tactical lights and lasers offers incredible stability. There’s a strap that hooks the system to your belt and there are also two nylon straps by the means of which you can securely attach the holster to your thigh.

This light drop leg holster comes with attachment straps of maximum length of 25 inches, but they can be customized to fit even the biggest of guys. The holster is available for all sorts of pistols equipped with weapon-mounted tactical lights and lasers. The holster is available in black color and it can be made for both right as well as left-handed shooters. Thanks to the tactical potential, this drop leg holster is an excellent choice for on-duty professionals such as Law Enforcement officers and Military members.

Note - The thigh straps have a maximum length of 25". Please note, that if you wish to have a larger strap, you need to specify it in the "Your Note" field once you are in the cart section. Mind that the strap extension comes at an extra cost.
  • Designed for drop leg or thigh carry
  • Takes in a handgun with a tactical light or laser
  • Made of functional and premium nylon
  • Ideal choice for on-duty carry
  • 3 attachment points for increased stability
  • Adjustable and removable Velcro thumb break
  • Semi-universal design
  • Entirely handmade
  • Open top design for quick draw
  • Available in black color
  • Available for both right as well as left-handed shooters

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