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Stingray Holster

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If you want a truly custom holster experience, you need this Stingray Holster. The holster is made out of genuine stingray leather, which makes it rare and unique. The open top design allows for easy draw and re-holstering and the pancake construction grants it low profile and easy concealment.

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The Stingray Holster is a unique holster made out of genuine stingray leather. The hand-made aspect begins with the hand cutting of leather, molding, hand stitching with a needle and a thread and ends with adding the finishing touches, colors, details etc. One holster, made by one man for one responsible (and lucky) gun owner. This is your 'get'em while you can' holster. But Let's talks specs.

The basis is a Open top OWB pancake holster with a reinforced opening, an open muzzle and a partial sweat guard to protect your body. The holster is designed to be carried on your strong side 4 o'clock position. It has a natural cant and enables a quick draw and an intuitive re-holstering.

  • Meticulously hand-crafted & hand-engraved
  • Glove-like fit
  • Premium materials & unique design
  • Comfortable OWB carry
  • 3 or 4 o'clock belt position
  • Easy draw and re-holstering
  • Available for both right & left-handed shooters

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