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Suede IWB Holster

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This IWB/appendix holster is made of premium natural suede leather, which grants it a great feel and high carry comfort. Thanks to the attached steel clip, you'll find the holster's attachment very quick and convenient - you don't even have to take your belt off. On top of that, the holster comes with a reinforced opening and offers super quick draw and easy access.

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"It is difficult to find an IWB holster for K/L frame revolvers. The search led me to this holster. I was reluctant to make the purchase because I tend to stick with name brand holsters and gear. I’m really glad I pulled the trigger. The holster arrived quickly and the quality is superb. The craftsmanship is on par or even superior to the name brand holsters I normally buy. And the price was below those same brands. I will definitely purchase more holsters from this company."


This holster is made of premium natural suede leather and it was designed specifically for inside the waistband carry. As the holster is not canted, it is ideal if the holster is attached to the appendix region and carried in the 1 o’clock position. As it is meant for IWB/AIWB carry, the holster needs to be attached from the inside of one’s pants. The natural suede leather this holster is made of gives it a unique feel and makes for a very comfortable carry option. The holster is a combination of the finest materials - premium natural suede leather and high-quality threads.

The natural leather this holster is made of is molded on the exact replica of your handgun, which results in a glove-like fit. Natural suede leather requires no break-in and the holster will be good to go straight out of the box. Your gun will sit inside the holster snugly, but the fit will be tight enough to retain your pistol or revolver well. This IWB holster is very easy to mount as it comes with a steel clip. There is no need for the belt to be taken off when attaching the holster. The clip is designed for 1.5’’ wide belts, but you can also opt for the clip customization and use it with virtually any belt.

The holster covers the entire barrel of your handgun. It features an open-top, open-muzzle design and it comes with a slide guard that prevents both your gun and skin from any damage. The opening of the holster is reinforced with an extra layer of leather, which enables easier draw and reholstering, but also secures holster’s durability even after years of use. This holster is available in natural suede leather and it can be crafted for both right and left-handed shooters.

Note - The holster comes with a steel clip designed for 1.5’’ wide belts. You can ask for customization of the clip through the “your note” field when placing your order. By default, the belt clip is compatible with 0.15'' thick gun belts.
  • IWB and AIWB carry
  • Hand made product
  • Open-muzzle, open-top design
  • Custom, glove-like fit
  • Slide guard preventing gun & skin damage
  • Steel clip for convenient attachment
  • High concealment & carry comfort
  • Compatible with 1.5'' wide gun belts
  • Available in natural suede leather color
  • Available in right and left-handed version
  • Produced by Falco Holsters

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