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Small Of Back Holsters

The small of back method represents an outside the pants style of gun carrying, while carrying the gun in 6 o’clock position. SOB carry style is carry style used by both the “uniformed” professionals and civilians. This carry method might be appropriate for carrying the backup guns. Obviously, it is recommended to hide the backup gun by the covering garment to minimize the risk of the disarming possibility from the back position. Carrying the behind the back holster by the civilians require wearing a covering garment at all time. The small of back holsters are available within inside or outside the pants carry styles.

The materials that are used on SOB holsters are traditionally the leather, nylon, plastic and Kydex. The most of SOB holsters are designed with an open top style for an easier access and manipulation but they can features also a retention strap and other design features are available with other gun carry styles. The SOB holsters are available within 2 different design configurations that relate to the way of the gun’s draw, there are “Palm-in” and “Palm out” holsters. When the gun is drawn form the back with the shooter’s palm is facing the body, it is palm in draw and when the shooter’s palm is facing outside the body, it is Palm out sob holster. The small of back carry can be ideal carry method for those, who are standing most of the day thanks to the accessibility of the gun and relatively comfortable carry within this type of the activity. It might be appropriate method for the shooters, who are working outside or kneeling a lot (farmers) or for the wearers riding on a horse. On the other hand, this carry method is not recommend for the shooters sitting a lot because it would be really uncomfortable and cumbersome to draw the gun from the behind the back position.

Next disadvantage of this carry style is that drawing of the gun from this carry position requires a longer arm motion and/or rotating movement of the wrist, which is physically more difficult and slower when compared with others gun-carrying methods. This might be ease by the sufficient training but the draw from this position is still less intuitive than it is with strong carry. Biggest drawback of this gun carry method is a risk of serious spinal injury, as the shooter carries a hard metal object (handgun) at the base of the spine; any fall downs on the backs are potentially dangerous. Summed it all, the small of back holsters represent a carry method that might be ideal option for the backups guns, but brings the challenges regarding the carry comfort, slower draw and risk of the potential spine injury.

Small Of Back Holsters Small Of Back Holsters Small Of Back Holsters

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