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About Glock 22

The Glock 22 is a prominent .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol, widely recognized for its balance of power and precision. It's a preferred firearm among law enforcement and security professionals, owing to its larger caliber, high reliability, and superior performance. Selecting the right Glock 22 holster is crucial for ensuring optimal functionality and safety. Our comprehensive guide offers insights into the perfect holster choices for your Glock 22 and lets find you a holster for glock 22.

Types of Holsters for Glock 22

Diverse Holster Options

Craft Holsters presents an extensive selection of Glock 22 holsters, catering to various styles and preferences. Whether your choice is an IWB (Inside the Waistband), OWB (Outside the Waistband), shoulder, or a holster with a light, each type is designed to offer secure retention and unmatched comfort.

Glock 22 IWB Holster

Explore a variety of Glock 22 IWB holster options for concealed and comfortable carry. These holsters are engineered for quick access while maintaining excellent concealment, ideal for discreet everyday carry.

Glock 22 OWB Holster

The Glock 22 OWB holster is perfect for those who prefer a traditional carry style, ensuring ease of access and a firm hold. It's particularly suitable for open carry, tactical engagements, or range activities.

Glock 22 Shoulder Holster

For those prioritizing comfort, especially when seated, the Glock 22 shoulder holster is a stellar choice. It allows for effortless and quick access to your firearm in a variety of situations. Rely on your shoulder holster Glock 22. 

Glock 22 Holster With Light

For those who equip their Glock 22 with a tactical light, the Glock 22 holster with light is an ideal choice. It seamlessly integrates the handgun and light attachment, ensuring quick and secure access. This holster for glock 22 with tactical light is designed for functionality and convenience, accommodating the extra bulk of the light without compromising on comfort or accessibility.

Glock 22 concealed holster

The Glock 22 concealed holster is tailored for those who prioritize discretion and ease of carry. Its design ensures that your Glock 22 is hidden from view while remaining readily accessible. This glock 22 concealed carry holster is a must-have for concealed carry permit holders seeking a reliable and comfortable solution for their Glock 22. So go on and find a concealed holster glock 22.

glock 22 leather holster

The Glock 22 leather holster combines traditional craftsmanship with modern functionality. Made from premium leather, it offers a stylish, durable, and custom fit for your Glock 22, enhancing both the look and feel of your carrying experience. A glock 22 holster leather quality is always up to par.

glock 22 gen 5 holster with light

Specifically designed for the latest Glock model, the Glock 22 Gen 5 holster with lightaccommodates the advanced features of the Gen 5 along with a tactical light. This holster provides a perfect fit, ensuring that your upgraded Glock 22 Gen 5 and its light attachment are secure and easily accessible. A true glock 22 with light holster quality is always guaranteed.

glock 22 gen 5 duty holster

The Glock 22 Gen 5 duty holsteris built for professionals who demand reliability and quick access under pressure. It is engineered to withstand the rigors of duty use while providing a secure fit and easy draw for the Glock 22 Gen 5.

glock 22 40 cal holster

The Glock 22 40 cal holster is specifically designed for the .40 caliber model of the Glock 22. This holster type ensures a perfect fit and optimal retention, tailored to the unique dimensions and power of the 40 caliber Glock 22.

glock 22 gen 4 holster with light

Catering to the specific needs of Glock 22 Gen 4 owners who use a tactical light, this holster offers a custom fit for both the firearm and the light. It combines ease of access with secure retention, making it an excellent choice for those who carry the Glock 22 Gen 4 with an added light attachment.

Material of Glock 22 Gun Holsters

Craft Holsters specializes in high-quality leather holsters, providing durability and a tailored fit for your Glock 22. We try to bring you the best holster for Glock 22. We also offer nylon and kydex options, each bringing unique benefits:

  • Handmade Craftsmanship: Each Glock 22 holster is expertly handmade, offering a personalized and unique fit.
  • Premium Materials: Constructed from the finest materials, our holsters ensure lasting durability and quality.
  • Glove-Like Fit: Custom molding assures a perfect, snug fit for your Glock 22.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Gain confidence with a Lifetime Warranty and a 30-day trial period for your holster.

Glock 22 Holsters FAQ

Which holster is ideal for law enforcement use with the Glock 22?

Law enforcement professionals typically require holsters that offer robust retention, durability, and quick access. A high-quality Glock 22 holster from a reputable brand like Craft Holsters would be an apt choice.

What are the top holsters for a Glock 22?

The best holsters for a Glock 22 strike a balance between accessibility, security, and comfort. Craft Holsters provides a range of options, including IWB, OWB, and shoulder holsters, each crafted to enhance the functionality and carrying experience of your Glock 22.

What are the best holsters for a Glock 22?

The best holsters for a Glock 22 provide a perfect balance of accessibility, retention, and comfort. Craft Holsters offers various options including IWB, OWB, and shoulder holsters, each tailored for different carrying preferences and ensuring optimal functionality for your Glock 22.

  1. Glock 22 Shoulder Holster System
  2. Open-muzzle IWB Holster for Glock 22
  3. Glock 22 OWB Comfortable Belt Holster

How to break in a Glock 22 holster?

If you get one of the best holsters for Glock 22 above, it’s highly likely you won’t need to do any break-in. However, in case your new holster feels a bit too tight, just follow our Break-in Guide. And if you don’t have any break-in solution at hand, feel free to get our Small Break-in Kit, which comes with everything you need for a successful Glock holster break-in.

Holsters for Different Generations of Glock 22

Just like most models by the Austrian manufacturer, Glock 22 also comes in a number of generations. If you own a Glock 22 Gen 5, check out Glock 22 gen 5 holster options. If you sport the Glock 22 Gen 4 version, then you’ll need a custom Glock 22 gen 4 holster. A

Gun Facts

Barrel length: 4.49"
Caliber: 40
Stack: 2
Width: 1.26"
Height: 5.47"
Length: 8.03"

Best Gun Holster Accessories

Choose the right accessories below that will enhance your carry. Don't forget that a proper magazine pouch, a belt or a concealed carry bag are always good choices.


Get yourself a custom mag pouch or speedloader pouch. Becasue there is never "enough ammo" right?

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A solid and stable gun belt is what you need to prevent your holster and the rest of your EDC from sagging.

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care kits

Don't forget to get yourself a handy kit that contains everything you need to make sure your holster will last you a lifetime.

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