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Falco Nylon Holsters


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Falco Nylon Holsters

Nylon has found its way to the gun owner mainly because of its low price and easy maintenance. The nylon used in holsters is either Ballistic nylon or Cordura nylon.As a material it’s a dual-layered polymer nylon fabric with a textile membrane. This allows the whole holster to ‘breathe’. The retention of the nylon holster is based on its light material design. As a concealed carry holster, the nylon ones have good retention because the lightness and softness of the holster allows the gun to be pressed between the body and the belt and thus proper friction is created. Otherwise, non-concealed, the retention meets the requirements needed but doesn’t stand out on its own.

The material is light, the wearer doesn’t have to mind sweat because the holster isn’t as influenced by it as leather, but on the other hand, it sucks in water, oil and dust, which can endanger the weapon. The fabric finish requires a two-hand draw because the holster doesn’t stay in position; to position a nylon holster other adjustments such as straps are needed. Apart from this, the fineness of the material has its benefits in almost minimal weight. Cordura nylon hand made holsters are probably the possibility, because cordura is blended with other fine fabric, so the holster stays in position, and the hand made finish keeps the retention high.

Falco Nylon Holsters Falco Nylon Holsters Falco Nylon Holsters

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