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Should I Buy The Concealed Carry Belt Pouch?

This concealment pouch is designed for belt carry. The bag is made of soft and breathable nylon, but its construction is very durable, which means you gun and the rest of your belonging will stay very safe. The pouch comes with a low profile and it's a great fit for both urban and natural environments. This CCW pouch is available in 4 different sizes, depending on the size of your gun.

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"Well made and the zipper s work well for drawing. I'm a 5'2 woman new to concealed carry. My 10" long revolver fits easily in size 4- it's actually an inch wider and longer than the measurements online. On me this is a good size to wear on my motorcycle but a little too big for normal use in public. I'm adding 2 loops for cross body carry with a strap."

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Concealed Carry Belt Pouch Description

This custom made product is designed for off-body carry. The pouch works best if carried in the waist area and attached from the outside of one’s pants. It features 2 Velcro belt loops through which the bag is attached to one’s belt. The evenly spaced belt loops increase the pouch’ stability on the belt. The concealment bag is made of functional layered nylon and the bag also features highly durable stitching. The gun is held in its place by elastic material, just like shown in the pictures. This concealment pouch is a hand made product, which gives it the unique custom feel.

This belt pouch is ideal for concealed gun carry and it can be made in 4 different sizes to offer a perfect gun fit. The pouch offers high carry comfort and superb concealment, which means it can be utilized also in states with much stricted CCW laws. It is ideal for everyday concealed carry and it can be used in both urban and natural environments. As the pouch holds in your gun quite firmly, it can be used during sports activities as well. Its many compartments will also let you carry the rest of your EDC.

This pouch features an ambidextrous opening system and the quick zip opening also allows for a rip-draw. The pouch comprises the main gun compartment with a gun holster and additional two zippered pockets on its front side. This belt pouch is also an ideal concealed carry option for handguns with various lights and lasers attached. The Belt Pouch With Concealed Gun Holster is available for both right and left-handed shooters and it comes in black color. This pouch is available in the following sizes:

This pouch is available in 4 sizes:

  Max Gun Length Height Width Depth
Size 1 5.5" 6.30" 4.72" 0.98"
Size 2 6.9" 7.48" 5.90" 0.98"
Size 3 8" 8.85" 5.90" 0.98"
Size 4 10" 10.62" 5.90" 0.98"


  • Everyday off-body concealed gun carry
  • Designed for outside the waistband carry
  • Hand made product
  • High concealment and stability
  • Suitable for both urban and natural environments
  • High-quality functional layered nylon & durable stitching
  • Main gun compartment + additional zippered pockets
  • Double Velcro belt loops for increased stability
  • Comes in 4 different sizes for perfect fit
  • Quick zip opening
  • Suitable for guns with light or laser
  • Ambidextrous use, suitable for both right and left-handed shooters
  • Available in black color
  • Produced by Falco Holsters

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