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Small Shoulder Concealed Carry Bag

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This small yet spacious CCW bag features 4 different compartments, letting you store not only your handgun, but also any other items you carry on a daily basis.

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"The bag is great for concealed carry. The piece inside is adjustable to fit size and location of firearm and the Velcro strength to hold it in place is a very strong hold. I would say it's also waterproof/resistant for the most part. The other compartments give plenty of room for other stuff and it sits nice on or over-shoulder or on belt. The only thing I'd add would be a pen holder, either inside or on the outside edge. Great carry bag for the price. Now if these guys would just make something like this in leather that would be great. Hint. Hint."

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This nylon CCW bag is designed for off-body, shoulder carry. The bag is made of multi-layered, premium nylon which is super durable yet breathable. This concealed carry bag features an adjustable shoulder strap. The bag comes with 4 different compartments.

The main gun compartment features an elastic Velcro holder, which will securely hold your firearm. This section takes in handguns of up to Glock 17 size (7.2’’ overall length). The other compartments can be used for storage of your entire EDC set, including some extra magazines.

The gun compartment comes with a quick opening strap, which allows quick and easy access to your firearm. As this nylon bag for concealed carry features an ambidextrous design, it’s suitable for both right as well as left handed shooters. The bag is available in gray color and its dimensions are as follows - 7.6’’ (H) x 5.9’’ (W) x 2.1’’ (D).

  • Designed for off-body, shoulder carry
  • Made of multi-layered, functional nylon
  • Takes in guns of up to Glock 17 overall length (7.2 inches)
  • Quick opening system for easy and quick access
  • Ample room for your entire EDC
  • Takes in pistols with tactical lights and lasers
  • Dimensions of the bag - 7.6’’ (H) x 5.9’’ (W) x 2.1’’ (D)
  • Available in gray color
  • Ideal choice for deep concealed carry
  • Great choice for both right and left handed shooters

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