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Tactical Bag For Concealed Carry

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Should I Buy The Tactical Bag For Concealed Carry?

This CCW bag can be used for both shoulder and side carry. The cross-body shoulder strap is fully adjustable, which means it's a great choice no matter what your build is. The bag features 3 separate compartments, offering ample room for your handgun and the rest of your EDC. The bag's made of high quality nylon and it can be used in both urban and naturan environments.

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Tactical Bag For Concealed Carry Review highlights

"Just received and satisfied with the product. Very well made and comfortable. If you need to deploy, pull hard on the quick release tab to open and expose your weapon instantly. Beware that the zippers have a cord loop that in the heat of a deadly situation could be mistaken for the rip cord. I'd recommend copious amounts of dry-fire practice to build muscle memory. Nice bag. Glad someone makes such a product."

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Tactical Bag For Concealed Carry Description

This custom made product is designed for off-body concealed carry. The Tactical Bag for Concealed Carry is mainly designed for shoulder carry. However, the shoulder strap this bag comes with is detachable and the bag can be utilized for outside the waistband carry as well. This concealed carry bag is made of functional layered nylon and it features strong and durable stitching. The bag is fully hand made, which grants it a unique, custom feel.

This tactical concealed carry bag features three main compartments and offers ample room for your entire EDC. The frontal compartment closes with a magnetic flap and trident backle, the middle one is operated via a drawstring and the rear one utilizes a zipper. All of these compartments include internal pockets with easy access. The back section of this bag is reinforced, allowing for safe and comfortable carry, draw, and re-holstering. This bag will also take in guns with lasers or lights attached, which makes it even more tactical.

All in all, this is a great tactical concealed carry bag that can be carried on a daily basis in any environment. This bag features an ambidextrous opening system, which means it is suitable for both right and left-handed shooters. At the moment, the bag is available in natural gray color. The dimensions of this bag are as follows - 8.6'' x 6.7'' x 3.3''.

  • Everyday off-body concealed gun carry
  • Shoulder or belt carry
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • High concealment and stability
  • Suitable for both urban and natural environments
  • High-quality functional layered nylon & durable stitching
  • 3 compartments with ample storage room
  • Suitable for guns with light or laser, up to 8’’ x 6’’ overall size
  • Molle straps for increases tacticality
  • Ambidextrous use, suitable for both right and left-handed shooters
  • Available in natural gray color
  • Dimensions - Height 8.6’’ x Width 6.7” x Depth 3.3”
  • Produced by Falco Holsters

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