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About Kahr PM9

The Kahr  PM9 is a semi-automatic, striker-fired pistol with locked-breech design, which relying on a modification of dropping-barrel system with a lug just above the chamber, locking the barrel into the roof of the slide.  The result of the trigger design is that it cannot cock the striker on its own, however it is functionally much more like a single-action trigger. The Kahr PM9 cartridge was introduced to the market along with the semi-automatic pistol. Both, the pistol and also cartridge was first adopted in 1904. This cartridge has since the year 1908 when it was adopted by the German Army, been adopted by the military of practically every non-Communist power. It has been practically the most popular and also widely-used handgun cartridge in the globe. The  Kahr PM cal 9mm model is a Double Action Only pistol which shoots 9mm Luger ammunition. Maximum magazine capacity of this model is 6 rounds, what is a bit less than average pistols of the same caliber. This gun has many features which are typical for the Kahr design. It does not have any special additional construction devices but anyway it is still a reliable pistol.

Gun Facts

Barrel length: 3.1"
Caliber: 9
Stack: 1
Width: 0.9"
Height: 4"
Length: 5.42"

Best Gun Holster Accessories

Choose the right accessories below that will enhance your carry. Don't forget that a proper magazine pouch, a belt or a concealed carry bag are always good choices.


Get yourself a custom mag pouch or speedloader pouch. Becasue there is never "enough ammo" right?

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A solid and stable gun belt is what you need to prevent your holster and the rest of your EDC from sagging.

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care kits

Don't forget to get yourself a handy kit that contains everything you need to make sure your holster will last you a lifetime.

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