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About Glock 30SF

The Glock 30 SF is a compact and reliable handgun introduced by Glock, a renowned firearms manufacturer. This model caters to gun enthusiasts who prioritize power and compactness in a self-defense firearm.

With a barrel length of 3.78 inches, the Glock 30 SF offers excellent accuracy and control in a compact package. It is chambered in .45 ACP, providing formidable stopping power for personal defense scenarios. The magazine capacity ranges from 9 to 13 rounds, ensuring ample firepower to handle potential threats.

The Glock 30 SF features a tactical rail, allowing users to attach accessories such as tactical lights or lasers for enhanced versatility in low-light environments. While it does not come with optics attachments out of the box, it can be equipped with an optics device for improved target acquisition and precision.

The Glock 30 SF is primarily used for concealed carry and personal defense. Its compact size and potent .45 ACP caliber make it an ideal choice for those seeking a powerful and reliable self-defense firearm. To ensure safe and convenient carry, it is highly recommended to use a custom-made holster designed specifically for the Glock 30 SF. This ensures secure and accessible carry while keeping the firearm protected and readily available when needed.

In summary, the Glock 30 SF is a compact and powerful handgun designed to meet the needs of gun enthusiasts seeking a reliable self-defense option. Its barrel length, chambered in .45 ACP, and versatile magazine capacity make it suitable for concealed carry and personal protection. Pairing it with a custom-made holster designed for the Glock 30 SF ensures safe and convenient carry, allowing gun enthusiasts to confidently carry their firearm.

Gun Facts

Barrel length: 3.78"
Caliber: 45
Stack: 2
Width: 1.38"
Height: 4.8"
Length: 6.97"

Best Gun Holster Accessories

Choose the right accessories below that will enhance your carry. Don't forget that a proper magazine pouch, a belt or a concealed carry bag are always good choices.


Get yourself a custom mag pouch or speedloader pouch. Becasue there is never "enough ammo" right?

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A solid and stable gun belt is what you need to prevent your holster and the rest of your EDC from sagging.

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care kits

Don't forget to get yourself a handy kit that contains everything you need to make sure your holster will last you a lifetime.

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