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Our offer includes 140 designs of     Beretta APX holsters with key features such as quick and easy draw and re-holstering. Wide range of carry positions and carry styles allow you to browse through many holster models with great retention and a covered trigger guard, either open top holsters or holsters with a thumb break. Our Beretta  APX holsters are designed to minimise gun print so your carry is only known to you, their slim profile and premium stitching are a key feature. Other than that, we have a large range of on-duty or off-duty holsters for your daily carry.

Our Beretta  APX   holsters are available in many varieties, and carry styles covering everything a gun owner needs, including IWB, OWB, Cross Draw, Shoulder, Small Of Back, Light Bearing, Red Dot Sight, Appendix, Belly Band, Chest, Drop Leg, Duty, Light & Red Dot, Paddle, Other holster designs.

Left Handed Beretta APX holsters are custom made with great attention to detail and each Left Handed Shooter will fall in love with them. Holsters for lefties are sometimes hard to find as not all manufacturers make holsters for left handed people. We offer custom made left handed Beretta APX holsters as we think being left handed is not a crime :) So if you are asking do you make holsters for left handed shooters ? - or who makes left handed holsters for Beretta APX You’ve got your answer.

Beretta  APX  holsters are custom made for this gun model for a perfect fit, smooth draw and re-holstering and allows you to carry your gun in comfortable and safe way. Browse our whole selection of Beretta.

Browse our whole selection of Beretta Holsters.
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About Beretta APX

Beretta is probably the largest company producing firearms in the world. It's output is approximately 1,500 produced weapons a day. One of the biggest achievements of Beretta is definitely the fact that the American Armed Forces and State Police Forces started using Beretta 92 series in 1985. The company added to its classical sporting guns production a completely new line of hunting apparel and accessories, clay target shooting and outdoor sports items in the early 1990s.

The Beretta APX is a recoil operated semi-automatic pistol made by the Fabbrica D' Armi Pietro Beretta SpA. It is a striker-fired polymer frame pistol that belongs to the category of the full-sized pistols and comes with a striker single-action (SA) trigger. The Beretta APX is available in two versions. The first one uses the 9mm Luger cartridge and its magazine can hold 17 rounds of ammo. The second version comes with the 15-round magazine and relies on the use of the .40 S&W cartridge. Dimension wise, both models are the same, the only difference is in the weight, as the version for .40 S&W is a little bit more heavy.

Designed specifically for military and law enforcement operators, the Beretta APX has been put through extensive testing and evaluation at the professional end user level. The result is a pistol that delivers superior performance in durability and reliability, ergonomics, trigger, and modularity. So there is no surprise that this pistol became very popular and beloved by many shooters, especially for range or competition shooting purposes. But, as the market is full of similar guns, the Beretta APX has its competitors as well. The most significant is probably the Glock 19 and if you’re curious about the comparison of these two competitors, you can check out the side-by-side comparison of these two full sized handguns here.

As mentioned, the Beretta APX belongs to full-sized pistols and it shows in its dimensions more suitable for open carry. The extremely low profile and snag free design makes it easy to carry and draw from the holster. Overall, it is 7.56 inches long, 1.3 inches wide and 5.6 inches high. The 9mm Luger version weighs 28.24-oz when unloaded and the .40 SW version is a little heavier with the weight of 28.92-oz when unloaded. The Beretta APX comes with a 17-round or 15-round magazine depending on the type of ammo used. Both these APX models come with the 4.25 inches long barrel.

When talking about the construction of Beretta APX, it has a polymer frame and features aggressive slide serrations, interchangeable back-straps, accessory rail, full length slide serrations, reversible magazine release and ambidextrous slide catches. It is equipped with the 3-dot low profile sights as well. The magazines are a little heavy due to the fact that they are made of steel. The 15-round magazines designed for the .40 S&W cartridge cost approximately $25. The 17-round magazines designed for the 9mm Luger cartridge cost about $30. But in case this capacity is not enough for you, the magazines can be extended to a capacity of 21 rounds (9mm Luger) or 18 rounds (.40 S&W). The extended magazines cost about $30 - $40 each.

Initially, the Beretta APX comes with a 3-dot low profile sights, but due to it’s equipped with the picatinny rail, you can easily attach additional optic to it. The Feyachi offers quite nice laser options for your APX, no matter if you prefer a red or green laser. In case you’re looking for a Beretta APX tactical light, the good option for you would be the low profile rail mounted tactical light made by Streamlight. And as the market is full of Beretta accessories, you have several options for red dots as well. A good example would be the Holosun reflex red dot sight, but there are many other brands offering quality red dots as well.

Now, let’s focus on the accuracy and the range performance of the Beretta APX pistol. As it went through extensive testing and evaluation at the professional end user level, it really brings great results. And many shooters are satisfied with the accuracy and reliability of this pistol. The aggressive slide cuts facilitate pulling the slide to the rear when needed, but using the slide stop is encouraged. The magazines can be checked after insertion by pulling on their ledges, yet they still fit flush with the grip. The trigger is about as good as you would expect from this kind of gun, and it’s practical for an issued pistol. Once the now-ubiquitous trigger safety paddle is depressed, the trigger offers a clean break. It turned out to be fast and accurate. The recoil is pretty light due to the bore axis. The sights are also easy to pick up, and the gun runs well. The largest backstrap works best for shooters with big hands. Overall, the Beretta APX is easy to control when shooting and able to consistently hit knock-down and silhouette targets at just over 80 yards. In case you'd like to increase accuracy and target acquisition of your Beretta, feel free to check out the list of the best Beretta APX lights and lasers, available here.

Although the APX seems to be accurate enough bringing a great shooting experience, there is still a place for improvements. And if you wish to increase the accuracy of your Beretta APX and take it to the next level, it can be easily done by adding a tactical light or laser to it. The market is full of them, so there’s definitely more to choose from. However, whether you decide to get an aftermarket optics to your APX or not, you shouldn’t forget about another very important thing. And that would be to find a Beretta APX holster that secures your gun perfectly. With the dimensions of the APX in mind, the most suitable would be the Beretta APX OWB holster. But it’s up to your preference and if you like it concealed, there is a whole offer of Beretta APX concealed carry holsters as well. In case you are looking for more information, check out our Beretta APX holsters recommendations for 2021.

The Beretta APX really stands for its own and brings a really nice shooting experience. However, some minor issues may occur when using it as well. But any handgun is perfect and this one has a lot to offer. Even though it's more suitable for outside the waistband carry, when carried in the right holster, it can be easily hidden. If you decide to add the Beretta APX to your gun collection, you won’t regret it and I’m sure it’ll become a part of your EDC as well. On top of that, this pistol costs just approx $400, which is more than good news. And if you’re desperate for more essential information about the Beretta APX, you can find them at their website, their Facebook page and on Wikipedia as well. Or you can exchange your opinion on this pistol with other shooters on the Beretta forum.


The Beretta APX is generally considered to be a reliable firearm. Beretta is a reputable firearms manufacturer with a long history, and they have a track record of producing reliable firearms. The APX has been designed with a focus on durability and functionality, and it has undergone extensive testing to ensure its reliability. Also, the APX has been adopted by various law enforcement agencies and military units, which can be an indication of its reliability and performance. However, there are still a few minor Beretta APX problems that can occasionally occur when using this gun.


The Beretta APX 9mm pistol is equipped with multiple safety features. It features a striker deactivation button on the rear of the slide, which allows for disassembly without having to pull the trigger. This button must be pressed down to disassemble the firearm. In addition, the APX has a trigger safety, similar to many other modern striker-fired pistols. The trigger safety prevents the trigger from moving unless it is fully depressed. Furthermore, the APX incorporates an integrated safety lever within the trigger itself. This trigger safety lever must be fully engaged by the shooter's finger in order for the trigger to be pulled and the firearm to fire.


The Beretta APX comes with a standard Picatinny rail under the barrel and this means that many APX owners upgrade their pistol with one of the most popular tactical lights. If you do so, a custom Beretta APX light-bearing holster is a must. The best choice is a Beretta APX OWB holster with light. This custom leather holster is meant for outside the waistband carry and offers a slightly forward-leaning cant, which allows for a very quick draw and easy reholstering.


If you prefer carrying your APX outside the waistband, then a well made Beretta APX holster OWB is ideal for you. A Beretta APX OWB comfortable belt holster delivers high carry comfort. The holster features an open-muzzle design, it covers the entire barrel and comes with a steel reinforced thumb break. A Beretta APX OWB kydex holster is another popular pancake holster. The holster offers high retention, easy access, and quick draw. Moreover, it comes with a partial sweat guard, preventing both your skin and the gun's finish from any abrasion. More open carry holsters are described in the Best Beretta APX holsters review


One of the main benefits of Beretta APX shoulder holsters is the way they distribute the weight of the handgun evenly across the body. One of the best shoulder holsters for this weapon is the Beretta APX Shoulder holster system which is meant for horizontal shoulder carry. If you like to carry your pistol in a vertical shoulder-style position then this Beretta APX Roto shoulder holster system is the best choice. 



The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for the Beretta APX can vary based on the specific model, features, and any additional accessories included. The MSRP for the Beretta APX full-size 9mm pistol is currently approximately 399 USD.


The Beretta APX is manufactured by Beretta, an Italian firearms manufacturer with a long history and reputation for producing quality firearms. Beretta's headquarters is located in Gardone Val Trompia, Italy.


The barrel length of the Beretta APX is 4.25 inches. The overall length of the Beretta APX is 7.55 inches.


The Beretta APX is available in various calibers, but the most common and widely available version is chambered in 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm). The 9mm version of the APX is quite popular due to its versatility, availability of ammunition, and manageable recoil. Regarding capacity, the Beretta APX typically comes with a standard magazine capacity of 17 rounds in 9mm. However, there are also APX models available with larger magazine capacities, such as 18 or 21 rounds.


Both the Beretta APX and the Glock 19 are popular handguns with their own strengths and features. The Beretta APX offers a modular frame design with interchangeable backstraps, allowing for better customization and fit to individual hand sizes. On the other hand, the Glock 19 has a reputation for its simplicity and ergonomic design that many find comfortable. Also, the APX has a striker-fired trigger system with a smooth and crisp pull, while the Glock 19 has a consistent and well-known trigger pull. Both Beretta and Glock have established reputations for producing reliable firearms. However, determining whether the Beretta APX is better than the Glock 19 is subjective and can depend on individual preferences and needs. Therefore, if you prefer the G19, have a look at the best Glock 19 holsters


A holster designed specifically for the Beretta APX will not fit a Glock 19. The Beretta APX and Glock 19 have different dimensions and shapes, so their holsters are not interchangeable. Each firearm has its own unique frame size, slide shape, trigger guard dimensions, and overall design, which means holsters need to be specifically designed to fit each individual firearm. Therefore, for your G19 you will need a custom Glock 19 holster


Elevating the performance of the Beretta APX can be achieved through various upgrades. Key Beretta APX aftermarket accessories include extended magazines, red dot sights as well as Beretta APX lights and lasers tailored for the APX model. For an improved carrying experience, a custom made Beretta APX leather holster specifically designed for the APX can provide an exceptional addition.


When using a holster specifically molded for the Beretta APX, it is highly probable that you won't need to perform any break-in procedures. However, if you do experience a slight tightness with your new holster, you can simply refer to our Beretta APX holster breaking-in guide for assistance.


Benefits of Beretta APX:



High-capacity magazine

Ambidextrous controls

Beretta APX problems:

Size and weight

Not ideal for concealed carry

Aftermarket support


Gun type - semi-automatic pistol

Production year - 2017

Barrel size - 4.25’’

Overall size - 7.55’’

Gun Width - 1.3’’

Gun Height - 5.6’’

Caliber - 9mm

Magazine - 17 rounds, double-stack

Firing mechanism - striker-fired

Action - recoil operated semi-automatic

Material - polymer

Sights - 3-dot low profile

Use - self-defense, home-defense, Law Enforcement, recreational shooting

Gun Facts

Barrel length: 4.25"
Caliber: 40/9
Stack: 2
Width: 1.3"
Height: 5.6"
Length: 7.55"

What makes a great Beretta APX Holster?

A perfect Beretta  APX  holster holds your firearm without the need of a retention strap. The natural retention of each material takes care of it and you can even hold the scabbard upside down without the firearm falling off. Or you can rely on the retention strap which can have several levels of retention. Another treat of a great  APX gunholster are smooth edges on the outside. This way the holster stays protected from abrasions, scratches or any other intrusive surfaces that it may stumble upon. A perfect finish of a holster is another feature. A Beretta APX holster keeps dust, moisture and water away. Taking care of your holster is an important thing and there are many options including break-in or adjustment. Beretta APX holsters can come in a large variety of materials and carry styles that will allow you an easy draw and re-holstering while being comfortable at all times. We offer Leather, Nylon, Kydex Beretta APX holsters. You can choose between IWB, OWB, Cross Draw, Shoulder, Small Of Back, Light Bearing, Red Dot Sight, Appendix, Belly Band, Chest, Drop Leg, Duty, Light & Red Dot, Paddle, Other holster designs for Beretta APX.

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