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Mantis X10 Elite Holsters

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Mantis X10 Elite Holsters

What are Mantis X10 Elite Holsters?

Mantis X10 Elite holsters are light-bearing gun holsters molded specifically for handguns equipped with the Mantis X10 Elite aiming sensor. This rail-mounted tactical sensor was developed by Mantis, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of shooting accuracy systems. As the Mantis X10 Elite is one of the most popular weapon-mounted aiming systems, there’s a lot of demand for custom gun holsters for Mantis X10 Elite too.

What are the best Mantis X10 Elite holsters?

The best Mantis X10 Elite holsters are always custom molded on the replica of your pistol and sensor. Such molding results in a Mantis X10 Elite holster with perfect fit. Material-wise, the best choice are Mantis X10 Elite leather holsters as leather can be easily molded to provide the desired glove-like fit. There are also Mantis X10 Elite Kydex holsters, which are a great tactical choice. Last but not least, Mantis X10 Elite nylon holsters are a good choice if you prefer semi-universal holster fit.

What are the main types of Mantis X10 Elite holsters?

There’s many ways to carry a pistol with Mantis X10 Elite, which means there are plenty of Mantis X10 Elite light-bearing holster options to choose from. Probably the most usual way to carry this accuracy system and pistol combo is in a Mantis X10 Elite OWB holster or shoulder holster for Mantis X10 Elite. You can also choose from Mantis X10 Elite concealed carry holsters such as Mantis X10 Elite IWB holsters or appendix holsters for Mantis X10 Elite. If you also carry an optics device such as a red dot, reflex, or RMR sight, you can also choose from a number of custom red dot Mantis X10 Elite holsters. These holsters come with a cut out offering ample room for your attachment and are custom molded holsters for your pistol with Mantis X10 Elite and red dot sight.

Will a Mantis X10 Elite Holster fit other aiming sensors?

As all of our leather Mantis X10 Elite holsters as well as nylon and kydex Mantis X10 Elite holsters are molded on the exact replica of your handgun and sensor configuration, Mantis X10 Elite holsters are not compatible with let’s say Crimson Trace CMR-201 or other lights and lasers. That’s why you’ll need a custom Crimson Trace CMR-201 holster.

Features of Mantis X10 Elite Holsters

Custom made for your gun + sensor

Fits guns with Mantis X10 Elite tactical aiming sensor

Tactical sensor completely covered

Over 40 Mantis X10 Elite holster designs available

Both for open and concealed carry

Entirely handmade and hand-molded

Made of leather, kydex, or nylon

For both right and left-handed shooters

Also available for red dot + sensor configuration

Backed up by premium Lifetime Warranty

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