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Bersa BP40CC Pancake Holster w 2 Carry Positions

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Should I Buy The Pancake Holster w 2 Carry Positions?

This Pancake OWB holster can be carried both OWB and cross-draw style. The holster features a safety strap, which increases it's already high natural retention. On top of that, the holster features double stitching, which makes it extremely durable.

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Pancake Holster w 2 Carry Positions Video Review

Pancake Holster w 2 Carry Positions Review highlights

"I have many Kraft Holsters. They are of the best quality leather. The more you wear the better they conform to your body and the gun conforms to the holster. Great styles to choose from. I am a fan."

— Joe Davis Read all 611 Reviews

Pancake Holster w 2 Carry Positions Description

This custom leather holster is designed for outside the waistband carry. The natural cant of the holster makes it perform best if carried in the 3 or 4 o’clock belt position on one’s dominant side. This OWB holster can also be used as a cross-draw holster, although offering a less beneficial draw cant. The holster is designed in the popular pancake style, which grants it a low profile and high concealability. The entire holster is made of premium Italian leather and its key parts are stitched together with high-quality German threads. The most important parts of the holster are double-stitched for extra durability. The holster is handmade, wet-molded on the exact replica of your handgun, which results in a perfect, glove-like fit. This production technique also gives the holster a unique, custom feel.

The holster comes in an open-muzzle design. The top part of the holster features a thumb break strap, which increases the gun’s security. The strap offers a quick release system, which results in easy access and quick draw and re-holstering. Moreover, the way in which the strap is designed makes it retain its original shape even after years of use. The sides of the holster are equipped with 3 belt slots, each of them 1.5’’ wide. This means you can decide which 2 slots you want to run your belt through and adjust the cant of the holster to your liking.

This OWB leather holster is designed to fit gun belts that are 1.5’’ wide. It is available in two different colors - mahogany and black. The Leather Pancake Holster w/ 2 Carry Positions is available for both right and left-handed shooters.

Note - If the holster is manufactured for a Beretta 90Two, 92A1, 96A1, 98A1, M9A1, then it will have 4 belt slots instead of 3.

  • OWB, strong side carry
  • 3 or 4 o’clock carry position
  • Can be utilized as a cross-draw holster as well
  • Popular pancake-style design
  • Hand made product
  • Custom, glove-like fit
  • Premium Italian leather & high-quality German threads
  • Durable double-stitching on the key parts of the holster
  • Entire barrel covered
  • Reinforced thumb-break strap for high security and retention
  • 3 belt slots for adjustable draw cant
  • Designed for 1.5’’ gun belts
  • Available in mahogany and black color
  • Available for both right and left-handed shooters
  • Produced by Vega Holster

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