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Falco Light & Laser Bearing Holsters


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Falco Light & Laser Bearing Holsters

The popularity of carrying the handguns using different types of lasers and lighting accessories increased enormously especially in the last decades. Light and Laser holsters represent a separate category that allow the shooter to carry the gun with these specifications in one holster with respect to the specifications and at the same time allowing the functionality of the standard holster. More and more shooters nowadays decided to carry also the weapon light or laser. One of the reasons is the practicality of the use and other might be a higher need to carrying the gun in the evenings when the “human” vision is limited. Statistics say that about 80% of defensive shootings happened in low-light situations. Weapons lights and lasers help the shooter to focus and aim in low-light conditions and shoot from any unconventional positions, within the threatening and self-defense situations.

There are different types of weapons’ lights and lasers available on the market, including the Crimson Trace lasers, Stream lights, LaserMax, tactical flashlights and etc. offered by different brands. Today’s lasers/lights are lighter and more reliable, so there is not much additional weight to the gun but they are changing the shape of the gun, so the standard holster won’t fit. The light & laser holster is designed and shaped especially for certain type of gun and attachment to fit perfectly and allowing the standard functionality that is offered with any other gun holster. Light and laser holsters can be made of leather, polymer and Kydex materials that need to be shaped according to exact gun replicas or on rear guns.

These holsters are offered more often in nylon material that is more flexible. Some of these nylon holsters are in more versatile style and one holster can be used with more types of guns featuring different type of tactical attachment. They might feature “the wrapped ” part that enables to wrap around the gun with different type of tactical attachment safe and stable way. The weapons light and laser holsters might be designed in various different carry styles, to be wear on the belt, in the shoulder rig, on the leg or in some gun carrying bag. As these types of gun holsters are still relatively new and there are various types of different light and laser attachments, actual offer on the holsters for this holster category is a bit limited and market is in the progress.

Falco Light & Laser Bearing Holsters Falco Light & Laser Bearing Holsters Falco Light & Laser Bearing Holsters

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