Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster w Double Mag Pouch Code: It. 71/22

Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster w Double Mag Pouch Code: It. 71/22

Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster w Double Mag Pouch
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Fits Like A Glove
Fits Like A Glove
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

If you are looking for a mechanically perfect vertical roto shoulder rig usable while sitting or standing with the same ease this one is for you. The rig contains a double mag holder - or a double speedloader holder for revolvers. The main benefit of this rig is the roto option that is easily controlled via the thumb break. The holster is kept in place thanks to a belt loop but doesn’t flop around even when not tied thanks to the simple weight distribution achieved by the barrel pointing down and the strong thumb break, which eliminates gun movement inside of the holster.


All The Details

The shoulder holster system contains Roto-shoulder holster, cross-shoulder harness, double magazine pouch (or speedloader pouch) and belt straps for a comfortable vertical carry. Construction of the shoulder holster allows its rotating function/movement. When the thumb break is released, the Roto - shoulder holster is tilted, which enables faster draw of the gun in a better cant. The shoulder holster system is available in right and left-handed design and in black and mahogany color

If your gun is a revolver, than the double magazine pouch will be substituted by a double speedloader pouch.

PLEASE NOTE: The Holster is currently not available in mahogany leather, only in black.

Roto Shoulder Rig

The vertical roto shoulder features a unique design that allows the gun to be manipulated from vertical to horizontal position easily and creates another protective layer of leather over the holster part. The leather is thin and strong, the stitching is doubled to support the most stressed parts. The straps are adjustable and have a finish in order not to create lint and dirt while wearing. The counterpart is a premium made mag or speedloader pouch that has retention screws and it’s height can be adjusted as well.

Rotation Makes The Difference

The holster is designed for shoulder carry and can be attached to the belt via straps. The roto feature is activated by the draw hand and the position from which you draw the gun depends on your preference. Once you unsnap the snap and pull the weapon, the holster tilts itself and the rotation allows you do draw almost horizontally. It is a versatile holster with a smart function.

Shoulder Rig That Stays In Place

The holster has been wet-molded during it’s weeks of production directly to a specific gun model. This method allows the holster to accommodate only one weapon properly and safe. The weapon fits like a glove inside the holster, the mags or speedloaders are fixed on the counterpart and the rig itself is fixed to the body thanks to the  adjustable leather harness.

Premium Leather And Smart Details Are The Key

The holster has all the attributes thanks to a genuine cowhide leather. It has a thickness of 7 oz. The shape is retained thanks wet-molding. Our craftsmen use vegetable oils that are applied repeatedly to ensure all layers of leather are treated. The dying process then follows the treatment process, the leather is hand-dyed in natural colors layer by layer. The last step of the process is adding a shellac layer to prolong the lifespan of the holster.

Pistols And Revolvers

We tested the holster for both pistols and revolvers. The pistol fits without any problems as usual and seen on the pictures as well as the revolver. Both types of handguns are securely accommodated.

Customization option: The harness size is adjustable up to XL sizes. (47’’ chest circumference, 23’’ top shoulder to waist length). For bigger sizes please include these information with your order - The chest circumference and the top shoulder to waist length. This way the harness will be adjusted and customised for a perfect fit.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • Vertical shoulder carry

  • Contains Roto-shoulder holster, shoulder harness and double mag pouch

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Hand molded leather with lacquered leather finish

  • Entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design

  • Steel-reinforced thumb break

  • Rotating function of the holster provides a better cant for the draw

  • Available in left and right-handed design

  • 5 year limited warranty

Customer reviews

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S. Malmquist
I'm a shooting instructor and I needed a good holster for one of my students. When I saw this holster it looked like it would be a good fit . When I receive it I was very pleased with the fit and quality. I also liked that it was model specific to Ensure a great fit. Reply
I received my shoulder holster earlier this week in the mail. What a beautiful rig. Most excellent craftsmanship in leatherwork and mechanical design. As a matter of fact, I believe that holster exceeds many US made leather holsters as well as overseas companies like yourself. WOW. I was blown away by the quality! The tilt feature is genius! The rig is very comfortable to wear. I will wear this under a medium-heavy coat in order for it not to "print" easily concealed. Again, thank you for an outstanding product. Arthur Boston, Massachusetts USA ❤ Reply
Jeffrey ricciardi
Great holster! Very comfortable, fits my pistol like a glove, well crafted leather, and all around looks Great! I would recommend this holster to anyone looking for one! Reply
Ebin Rudloff
This style works great for me since I'm a medium build. It is also comfortable. Reply
Loved the fit and feel...the roto action makes for excellent accessibility sitting or standing...two thumbs up Reply
Outstanding quality and customer service. Reply
Kevin Kearns
I was looking for a quality made shoulder rig for my Ruger 1911 45, in my search I came across Craft Holsters. When I read about how each holster is custom made and the quality of leather used is top notch all straps to secure the holster to your belt are leather and easy to adjust I knew this was the company to order from. It took about 6-8 weeks to get but was well worth the wait. The Holster fits me perfect with easy adjustments, what i love is as you go to pull your gun from the holster once unsnapped the holster tilt forward for easy weapon removal. Awesome design, High quality leather with adjustments using metal studs that lock in to secure the straps. This rig was less then 200 and worth every penny. I loved it so much I ordered a second rig for my Ruger GP100 Match Champion. The gun fits perfectly in the holster and the rig is actually comfortable to wear. I am considering ordering another for my Taurus model 44 with the 6.5' barrel. I highly recommend this Shoulder Holster from Craft Holsters for anyone who is considering a quality shoulder rig that will not break the bank. Thank you Craft Holsters.....KCK Reply
warren elrod
I would like to help, but I still do not have my holster yet. Reply
Alexey Kozaev
Ordered one for Beretta 96A1. I think this is the only way to more or less comfortably carry a full-sized and heavy gun. Waited more than a month for the holster to arrive, but that's OK, because quality and fitting are perfect. All in all I am very much pleased to have business with CraftHolsters. Thank you! Reply
Blake Colwell
This was PERFECT!! Exactly what I was looking for and will probably be buying another one in a different color. Reply
Haven't worn it a whole bunch, but so far very comfortable. Appears to be constructed of quality material with good craftsmanship. I will probably get a shoulder holster for my 1911 from them. Reply
Zdenko Novkovic
Super quality, easy to adjust with screw assembly and comfort is fantastic! Reply
Mark Colton
I bought this holster and received it a few weeks ago. The leather is high quality and so is the craftsmanship. The first thing I did was try it on for fit. It is very comfortable to wear. I put my weapon in the holster and it fit snugly. I also put my two magazines in the leather holster for them and they both fit very well. I read that for the best gun fit to wrap wax paper around the gun and then put it in the holster for 24 hours to help break it in. I haven't done that yet. I have purchased other shoulder holsters for other guns in the past, but this holster is the most comfortable and easiest to adjust yet. I highly recommend it! Reply
Tyson Maltby
Leather Holsters makers are out there. Some good, some bad, some expensive, some ..... Nothing new. Finding value is always preferred, always, even if you're rich. I'm not. I'm about 80% there ,breaking it in, and each day I find myself less conscious of it. Being able to carry my SigPeo vertical make concealment achievable and I have been very cognizant of the reaction I get in public. Yes, she's still a little snug coming out on the draw but we're almost there. The quality, adjustment ability (I have to admit, you must wear it, break it in, and make adjustments to the adjustable harness to adapt it to your body. Big Question? Is it worth waiting for, with the $$$, worth the break in time and effort? For me, I have to do my part, Craft Holsters sure as hell theirs. The 'roto' feature allows you to flip the thumb break and draw in one motion with practice. The leather quality, and fasteners are very sturdy. Bottom line, worth every penny! Reply
Mike Regan
Since this was for S&W .22, I expected and would have paid more for a softer more supple leather. I like the construction. Haven't gotten my silencer yet so I don't know how that'll work out. Reply
I have owned a half dozen of the top brand shoulder holsters and the Falco Roto Holster is the best by far. Easiest vertical shoulder holster to access and draw your pistol from. The quality is top notch, making the five week wait well worth it. Reply
Kentucky Hunter
Quality craftsmanship. Perfect fit for weapon. Very pleased! Reply
Stephen Blank
Well made. I like how the inner holster pivots inside the outer holster for easy presentation. Reply
This is the best Holster That I have found, It stays in place while driving, The hold down straps makes it easy to draw, Has I add to my firearms I will only buy from Craft Holsters. The customer services, Klaret kept me informed during the whole processes. Reply
Charles Kelly
Extremely well made and great fitting holster. Plenty of adjustment on the holster will allow most anyone to fit it comfortably. fits the pistol very well and the mag holders are perfect also. Highly recommend this holster. Reply
Outstanding product! It took a few weeks to get in but after receiving the holster, I know why. We expect things to be delivered quickly and want quality too. I do not believe you will find a better quality holster of this type! Reply
I have a Vertical Roto Shoulder Holster w Double Mag Pouch for my sig p229 and a Roto shoulder holster for my 938 sig. Both are very comfortable and the Roto holster for the 938 is extremely concealable. I wouldn't have bought two if I didn't like them. Top ratings. Reply
Best holster ever I give it a big 5 star's Reply
Chuck Rementer
I'm extremely happy with my holster , it's everything you advertise plus . Thank you . Chuck Reply
Money well spent. Reply
Bill McNeese
Well made! Reply
Matthew Schley
When I purchased this holster, I was searching for a comfortable way to conceal carry during the winter months. I carry a Sig Sauer P229, which is a double-stacked heavy 9mm, as well as two magazines when that is practical. I was concerned that the roto-holster design would be tacky and not work properly, but it really does allow for a quick draw from a low-profile holster. You will need to break it in a little for it to rotate smoothly. I was concerned that the thin straps would cut into my shoulders a bit with all the weight of the gun and magazines. That has not been the case, but I can see a full size 1911 with extra magazines digging in a little. On the whole, this holster has become my favorite way to carry. The draw is slightly slower than most hip-mounted alternatives, but the level of comfort achieved by this holster make up for the half second delay in my opinion. Reply
Ron Adams
At first holster was a little tight, hard to get in at first but it appears to be loosening up and getting better for draw and reholstering all in all I am satisfied with the product and craftsmanship you did a fine job Reply
Mike Hardcastle
Outfreakingstanding , made like I would make it if I could. So tight out of the package, it took both hands to put the gun or clips in and out. Left the gun and clips in for 48 hours, slide in and out as they should. What a great product. Only brand I will buy going forward. Thank you craft holsters, wow. Reply
Rick Lander
Everything about this pistol rig is first-class and professional! The fit on my 1911 was perfect and the vertical roto feature makes for a fast and comfortable draw. The staff was a pleasure to work with and would recommend their company to anyone! Reply
Brian M Gillis
Very impressed with the quality of this holster. The craftsmanship is worth three times what I paid. Very pleaded! , The customer service is impeccable, this holster was custom made for me!!!! . I will pass this holster down to my grandson, along with the 1911 it embraces, a family hairloom. Thank you to every one envolved, so pleased, Brian M Gillis, Michigan USA, I will send all my holster needs to craft holstets Reply
Very satisfied with both the materials used as well as the craftsmanship. The fit was perfect and comfortable to wear. Polite and professional staff. Reply
H. Donaldson
ABSOLUTELY the best shoulder rig I've ever worn! I waited a couple of months to write about this Holster so I could really speak about it's break-in time, comfortable fit or any problems. There have been NO PROBLEMS! Every time I put this rig on it's like slipping into an old pair of shoes. It has remained tight where it should and loosened where it should, at times I literally forget I'm wearing it and I carry a 5" 1911. From the two ladies in the front office to the craftsman in the shop, they take pride in their work as well the should. Thank You! Reply
Jeff Carbone
Quality is excellent...broke in perfectly. Reply
Tim 2
Built very well. Easy to adjust. Dwells great to wear. I'm carrying a 686 plus and it comes out very better than my other shoulder rig made in leather. Re-holstering is even easier. Reply
Jimmy Godfrey
Great holster, I really enjoy wearing it. Reply
Jimmy Godfrey
Most comfortable holster I own Reply
Jimmy Godfrey
Very well made, it’s a perfect fit Reply
Very well made of quality material and construction. Followed enclosed instruction for break-in and got a perfect fit. Reply
gary olsen
product is excellent and as described - just remember to break in as instructions and soft soap interior - fit is perfect Reply
Nice holster,, much more comfortable than I expected . Also very well made Reply
Matt Hostetler
This is a great holster, very comfortable to wear and easy to adjust the size even while wearing. Even with my long torso this holster fits perfectly and if needed I could extend it. Reply
Ron Thuener
I am an old x police firearms instructor and former detective- I have never had or seen and American product that even comes close to your craftsmanship. It is the only shoulder holster I wear. Five stars for a rating seem hardly enough. Ron Thuener owner-operator Dangersclose handgun fighting firearm training company Reply
Excellent quality, very comfortable holster. Craft Holsters is highly recommended for all your holster needs. Reply
Joseph Bartholomew
Awesome holster. Well worth the wait. I love it Reply
Quality craftsmanship . Excellent fit and provides the required concealment needed. Well done. Reply
P. Sava
Beautiful rig that fits my s&w 629 6.5" like a glove! Excellent quality! Reply
Glen Russell
I received my holster on schedule as promised. However, I am not pleased with the fit. I will unfortunately be taking advantage of the bulletproof guarantee. Returning the holster. Reply
Purchased for my 1911 Range Officer. Very nice workmanship and fits and carries wonderfully. Very nice for driving. A flannel shirt completely conceals it. Reply
Ron Olson
I am 6'3", about 230lbs and I wear a 50" jacket. I adjusted this holster to the max and it fits like a glove. They do offer to customize to a larger size, but the standard is perfect for me. If you are my build or smaller the standard should be fine for you. The quality and attention to detail is superb. My Sig was a little snug ( as they explained that it would be ) but after a few days of playing with it and wrapping the gun in a plastic bag each night before holstering it for the night it is now perfect. The pivotal design is genius, as it gives you the comfort and concealabilty of a vertical with the ease of access of a horizontal. I highly recommend this holster Reply
Bill C Wallin
Quality and time has been sewn together with this holster. Thanks for the effort and customer service, Bill. Reply
Craig Williamsosn
Seems well-made. I'm still getting it adjusted. Reply
Scott Cook
Hi, Good features: 1) The Roto feature works well, ingenious. 2) Very Concealable. 3) Comfortable to wear. Bad features: 1) Leather too thin, fasteners not sturdy enough for everyday, tactical, outdoor use. (I'm a woodsman and give some of the hardware one year before breakage.) 2) Worst feature of holster: Inconvenient adjustability. Those security screws you use are a nightmare. All in all, I give this holster a 7 out of 10. It's perfect for, say, a detective or person with a desk job. Or a person wanting to conceal in light-duty situations. I'm happy with my holster right now, but ask me after a year of daily use. I suspect my overall rating may change. Reply
G. A. Shell
Can't beat the perfect fit and design. Only wish was that the leather on the harness portion was thicker, but other than that it's well designed and built. Can see many years of good service ahead. Reply
Jerry Hankins
I fine the rig comfortable and easy to wear. Recommended to a family member and he has already ordered one for himself. Company is easy to work with and makes every effort to insure the purchasers satisfaction. Reply
Robert the Old
Did not want the Ruger LCR with no hammer and could not trust any holster offerings that only said LCR...the LCRx has a hammer and the vendor needs to say LCRx. This company does and I believe that this vertical shoulder holster fits the ticket. I'm an older guy and don't want to have to sit on belt holsters all day, so this under the arm rig keep things out of the way. Reply
Patrick Carmack
Fabulous workmanship Reply
Don Bassett
I will report that the holster is worth the amount of money that you pay for. It was professionally handcrafted and it looks beautiful . The only problem with it is that it was the wrong holster and would not fit the weapon it was ordered for. But after working with the people at craft holsters and following their instructions I feel that the correction will be suitable. Reply
Patrick Carmack
The best holster I have used. After a hernia repair I was unable to wear my belt tight to hold my pants up. I looked into a shoulder holster, you could get them in an horizontal or vertical style. Horizontal being more baulky, but easer to draw. And a vertical being easer to conceal, but harder to draw. With the Roto Shoulder Holster you get the best of both, concealment and easy to draw. Top Quality worth the price. Reply
Philip Whiting
I am extremely excited about my roto shoulder holster. Beautiful craftsmanship. Easy to adjust and very comfortable. The first time I wore it, I went to several places. I didn't get any questions or strange looks. Apparently it is very conceal able. My wife doesn't even know when I'm wearing it. Reply
It works great. It took some real breaking in to stretch it and I trimmed 1.25 inches from the end as it was longer than my gun's barrel, but now I wear it proudly for church security. Reply

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