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Streamlight TLR-3 Paddle Holsters

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Paddle Holsters

The paddle holster carry represents a popular style of outside the belt gun carry where the holster is attached to the belt by the concave shape of plastic holder - paddle. The paddle is made of a plastic durable material, in a flat design that is contoured to conform nicely onto the shooter’s body. Thus, the gun carry would be stable and the paddle would prevent the holster from being pulled away when the handgun is drawn. Although it is recommended to use the belt with this type of gun carry, the paddle holster can be carried without the belt as the paddle itself presses against the holster creating a “seal” that enables to keep the holster in place solidly and independently of the belt.

The paddle holster carry style is popular gun carry method with civilian users and law enforcement alike because the use is convenient and practical. It is favorite off-duty method carry method and it is popularly used also by detectives or other security officers who frequently changes the places and need to move a lot between the offices, field work and vehicles and an easy manipulation is very convenient. This carry method is ideal for the use with the guns of most of the firearm sizes. It might be not ideal for the gun carry of big revolvers and the comfortability might be not ideal when used by the bigger shooters due to the shape of the paddle. The design of the paddle holder standardly offer other benefits to the shooter such as possibility to use various types of belts, multiple carry position use due to the adjustable cant and possibility to change/replace the paddle holder for a different type. There are standardly various types of compatible paddle holders available that differs in the shape, allowing different types of gun carrying including the Molle carry, tactical, closer belt carry with slimmer profile holder etc. The paddle holsters are offered in various materials, varied as for any other holster including the leather, nylon, plastic and Kydex. The retention used on these types of holsters might be again passive or active, with the higher security level possibility.

The drawback of this gun carry method especially for the civilians might be a bit more bulky design due to the shape of the paddle compared to than the standard “iwb” holster that reduces the ability for easy hiding and the imprint of the gun is bigger. But the coverage is always possible and it is standardly possible to choose a slimmer profile paddle that would reduce the gun’s print. Another disadvantage is the security factor. Paddle holsters rely mainly on the friction to stay securely in the place, so the disarming possibility is relevant minus; therefore the retention system is important and necessary feature with this type of holster mainly for a defensive shooter. A well-designed, modern paddle holster is very practical and convenient for the use, enabling comfortable carry, fast access to the gun and drawing possibility in a stable manner, without the need to making compromises.

Paddle Holsters Paddle Holsters Paddle Holsters

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