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Chest Nylon Holsters

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Nylon Chest Holsters

Chest holsters are an ideal carry option for your outdoor adventures. This means that a custom made chest holster will be your pistol’s best friend if you set out on a hunting or fishing mission. Also, carrying in a chest holster is ideal if you spend a lot of time camping, hinking, or even mountain climbing.

When carrying in a chest holster, your pistol is positioned on your chest, which results in easy and quick access. Also, if you carry your firearm in a holster on the chest, you can use the space on your waist (where you’d normally attach your belt holster) for the rest of your everyday carry items such as magazine pouches or knife sheaths.

Chest holsters are usually utilized to carry bigger handguns used for hunting. This is the reason why you can often see people carrying a 1911 chest holster, or a chest holster for Taurus Raging Hunter. When you’re hunting and using your primary firearm (usually a rifle), such large backup guns tend to get in the way if carried in a belt holster. This is a problem you can easily solve if you get yourself a custom chest holster for hunters.

Quite recently, carrying in a chest holster started being popular even among those whose main carry guns are something as small as snub nose revolvers. That’s the reason why J-frame chest holsters (or chest holsters for revolvers of a similar size) aren’t that uncommon anymore. As such handguns are quite small, it’s best if you get yourself a chest holster with a thumb break strap, just to make sure your pistol won’t slip out of the holster.

Chest holsters are usually made of leather or nylon, but you can also come across hybrid chest holsters, which are usually a combination of materials such as leather and kydex. Custom leather chest holsters look incredibly stylish, but they are also extremely durable. The greatest benefit of a leather chest holster is that it’s always molded to fit your gun like a glove. On the other hand, nylon chest holsters usually feature a semi-universal design, which means that they can be used for an array of similarly sized handguns.

If you wear a shirt or jacket, you can easily use chest holsters for concealed carry. They also work well if you spend a lot of time in a sedentary position, which means you can use chest holsters for car carry. Moreover, chest holsters often come with ammo loops on one of the straps by the means of which your chest holster is attached to your body. Probably the biggest disadvantage of chest holsters is that they aren’t ideal for people who’ve suffered a shoulder injury as they might experience some pain upon drawing and re-holstering.

Chest holsters are a great option for both open and concealed carry. However, if you’ve never carried in a chest holster, there’s a couple of things you must know about chest holsters. With a bit of practice, though, you’ll quickly get used to this carry style.

Nylon Chest Holsters Nylon Chest Holsters Nylon Chest Holsters

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