Open Top Leather Belt Holster Code: It. 141

Open Top Leather Belt Holster Code: It. 141

Open Top Leather Belt Holster
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4 O'clock Carry Position
4 O'clock Carry Position
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

If you are looking for an open top holster with a slim profile and minimal print this is the one for you. It’s designed with a narrower profile than other holsters in this category. The gun is securely held in place thanks to the pressure between the two pieces of leather and can be drawn fast and re-holstered with ease because the same force that holds the gun inside also prevents the holster from becoming a flap.

All The Details

The holster is designed for the outside the waistband carry. It is made of premium leather, hand molded directly on the gun for the perfect holster fit. The holster is designed in a narrower profile comparing to the standard pancake style holster. It features open top design and widely spaced belt slots allowing a closer ride to the body for comfort carry and easy concealment. It is available in right and left-handed design and in black and brown color. The holster is designed for a 1.5'' belt. If you wish to have it made for a different belt size please specify it in the details.

Pancake With A Lot Of Details

The pancake style of manufacture allows the leather to hold the gun tightly even without a thumb break. The leather has a thickness of 7 oz. and double stitched seams. It doesn’t harm the finish of the gun thanks to it being made only of leather without any additional materials.

The Draw Is All About Speed

The holster offers two belt loops and a cant optimized for 4 o’clock carry. The drawing of the gun is very fast thanks to no thumb breaks or reinforcements. The forward cant only helps the draw and reholstering.

The Holster Sits And The Gun Fits

The holster has been wet-molded during it’s weeks of production directly to a specific gun model. This method allows the holster to accommodate only one weapon properly and safe. The weapon fits like a glove inside the holster and the holster itself is fixed to the belt via two belt loops that spread the mass of the gun and hold it in position.

Premium Leather Is The Key

The holster has all the attributes thanks to a genuine cowhide leather. It has a thickness of 7 oz. The shape is retained thanks wet-molding. Our craftsmen use vegetable oils that are applied repeatedly to ensure all layers of leather are treated. The dying process then follows the treatment process, the leather is hand-dyed in natural colors layer by layer. The last step of the process is adding a shellac layer to prolong the lifespan of the holster.

Pistols And Revolvers

We tested the holster for both pistols and revolvers. The pistol fits without any problems as usual and seen on the pictures as well as the revolver. Both types of handguns are securely accommodated.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • Entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design

  • OWB comfortable carry

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Hand molded leather

  • Two belt slots for perfect stability

  • Double stitching

  • Lacquered leather finish

  • Available in left and right-handed design

  • 5 year limited warranty

  • Produced by Falco Holsters

Customer reviews

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Michael Savitski
This holster is exactly what I was looking for. It is excellent quality and a perfect fit for my pistol. Every time I buy a new hand gun, I usually go through three or four holsters before I find the right one. From now on I will be starting here, because this one is perfect. Reply
Wolfgang Platzer
I have this holster for my CZ 85 and use it for IDPA shooting. The quality and fit are amazing as are the good looks... I expect this holster to last a lifetime. Customer service is outstanding and highly responsive. Thank you Craft and Klaret! Reply
Mike E.
I love my Craftholster! It was custom built for my Taurus .357. The black leather is beautiful, and the price was reasonable. It was well worth the wait for such great craftsmanship. Reply
Robert Geis
Fantastic fit. Just wish I could've gotten it in natural color. I prefer a real light tan or whiskey color. Reply
Have not had a chance to try it out yet it looks to be O.K. Leather is a bit thin. I make some of my own holsters so I'm probably more skeptical than most. Also, delivery time is too long. Other than that everything's fine. Thanks, John Reply
Mike Wallace
Didn't realize when I ordered it, that it was going to take several months to get it, but that said, I'm very pleased with the holster! Great fit, Great look Reply
William Alden
The holster is still quite tight . I have used the plastic on it twice and used galco draw eze twice along with removing and replacing weapon. It still pulls leather at the sight and sides. The weapon is a stock xdm 40 . Reply
Sid Cruz
I own a model 627 s&w performance, holster worked like a glove n most importantly doesn't harm the finish on my pistol. Two thumbs up guys!!!!! Reply
Bought 3 of these holsters. All for S&W revolvers: 43C (.22LR), 351C (.22WMR) and 60LS (.357) Leather is soft, not rigid as I was expecting (hoping?). Little concerned about how the top opening will break in as far as ease of re-holstering the firearm. They are very comfortable to carry. They are not as 'substantial' as many other brands, but I am not saying that is necessarily a bad thing... time will tell. Very pleased I was able to find a simple, but comfortable holster for S&W 43C and 351C revolvers. That alone was reason to buy in my mind. Don't waste your time on the monogram (three initials) in the leather... hard to see and not very impressive to look at when you can see it. Reply
John Basile
Worth the wait! Very satisfied and worth the wait. Quality holster for my Beretta 84FS. Forget the rest, I'll order from Craft Holsters. Break in was easy as the holster was model specific. They recommend using a plastic bag but I use an old nylon sock. Work the firearm for a day and strap it on. It's that easy. When I think of all the money spent on others when I could of bought here and been done with it. Live and learn, don't think twice if you are contemplating a Craft holster. Reply
Gino P
Great quality Perfect fit Very comfortable Reply
Most excellent product! Very happy with my holster, "custom" fit to the exact specifications of my gun.... top quality leather and conforms to the State of Texas open carry requirements. The only negative would be the wait for delivery. 4 + weeks from time order was placed to delivery but they tell you that up front. Reply
Don G.
Purchased this holster for a Sig Sauer RCS 1911 45 Auto that has a somewhat unique contour. The holster is a black leather made in Slovakia. I read some mixed reviews about these holsters online but was attracted to the advertised appearance and features. It took approximately six weeks and when received the holster was very stiff; however, one needs to breakin a leather hoister by inserting and drawing it up to a hundred times. After doing this, the Sig was as perfect a fit as I believe to be possible. It could not be any better as it holds tight, but draws easily. I would highly recommend this model. Anyway, it's a great fit for my Sig 45 Auto.and I would definitely recommend it for overall quality and fit. Very well made. Reply
Lou Wither
Nice holster, delivery time was a little long. Reply
Very high quality, nothing really bad to say about it. Would buy again for other guns, especially specific uncommon ones that are more difficult to get exact holsters for. Reply
Had a very hard time finding a good holster to fit my Stoger 45. After finding Craft Holster the search was over. Outstanding fit and finish for a great price.Arived in just under 5 weeks with the mag pouch to match. Reply
excellent Reply
SF Box Jumper
Very happy with the OTB holster for the Sig P320 Romeo (hey, when you hit 70, you need a little optical help.). Took a while to break it all leather...but now a part of my body. When you live in Chicago, that's real important. The pundits will tell you the city's motto "Thanks for visiting. Sorry we missed you. Come back soon and give us another chance." Reply
This is my third holster from Craft. They make my favorite leather carry holster; fast draw, smooth, no straps, look good, long lasting, panache... Reply
Brian Eggert
What a well crafted holster! Reply
David Justice
Craftsmanship is top of the line & I would recomend them to anyone. Reply
David Smithey
Exactly what I wanted! It holds my gun close to the body like an IWB. I ordered it for my Walther Creed but it also fits my G19 and G26. In fact I'm wearing it now with my G19. Reply
This is actually a great holster. I needed the open top to fit my CZ 75 with a Burris Fast Fire red dot mounted and it does the job. Nice work. Reply
Strikingly attractive, and comfortable Reply
Ron Sullinger
I am very happy with my holster. I is very well made and beautifully crafted. My handgun fits perfectly. If you are looking for this type of leather holster, I would recommend it without hesitations! Reply
Product well manufactured and excellent quality. Reply
david paz
well, i wear it daily for 12 hours that is how good it is. very comfortable just purchased your comfortable holdter for my .45 springfield dave Reply
Real leather True quality! Reply
Ken Haysley
Love the holster. Good fit. Perfect holster for my CZ RAMI Reply
Josh H
The holster is exactly what I wanted. Will be ordering another for my VP9. Perfection takes time so I don't mind the small wait! Reply
David S
Excellent Quality! I bought one for my Walther Creed. Guess what, my PPL 5, Glock 19 and 26 also work with this holster. It's almost like a IWB it hugs so close. I wear it everyday and barely know it's there. Reply
Mike Stout
Very pleased with the holster. It took a day to break it in and is just what I had been looking for. Reply
Karmen Schelvan
like it Reply
Great quality holster. Made very well and would purchase another one. Reply
mike Bustin
holster was beautiful. Fit like the proverbial glove. Reply
The holster is very well made. The double stitching is superb. The gun fits tight, but I think it will work it self out. The holster needs to be shipped in a box instead of shipping envelope. That way it will hold it's shape better. I had to do some bending. Reply
Larry Chandler
Very impressed with the holster, the gun rides good and it's very comfortable. I carry concealed a lot and by it riding close to my waist that is no problem. Reply
Earl Covault
The holster I ordered for a Sig Sauer, 22 caliber Mosquito, was just what I wanted. I have carried this on several occasions and am well satisfied! Reply
Roy Pereira
Once I received the holster, I have not used another one since, very comfortable regardless if seated or standing, very well made and worth every dime spent on it. Reply
Ken Golash
Exceeded expectations.... the leather craftsmanship was second to none. The belt holster was a perfect match and fit for my Ruger 9mm. "GREAT JOB" Reply
Ken Shimabukuro
i purchased two of your holsters and I'm really pleased with the way my Kimber fits and the styling. Thanks, Ken Reply
Great product Reply
George Galczynski
Top quality holster. Keeps the gun close to your body and easy to draw. This is my second one. Reply
Great looking, well made, perfect fit. Definitely recommend. Reply
John Armes
Great quality and fit. It was worth the wait to have such a fine piece of craftsmanship. I recommend them for any type of holsters or anything they offer as you truly get what you paid for and in today's society that is truly a rare commodity. Great job guys! Reply
Holster is great! Once it gets broken it has a great fit, great quality. Received earlier than expected. Reply
Holster is great! Once it gets broken it has a great fit, great quality. Received earlier than expected. Reply
William Salisbury
Well made holster Reply
Robert Stewarts
I have bought four different holsters from various manufacturers thinking each one would be the "one". None of them satisfied me. I'm glad I found this one before I bought four more. This Craft holster is comfortable, high quality, broke in easily and holds nice and tight to my body. I can now conceal carry a decent size gun (Springfield XDS 4") in an outside the belt holster confidently wearing just a T-Shirt. Thank you Craft Holsters. Reply
William E Fortman
After following the break in instructions, a great holster. Reply
Adam P.
Very nice holster. Good quality leather. Nice elegant look. Virtually no break in time. After about 48 hrs of use. The leather breaks right in. I can say I'd recommend this holster to anyone who wants great quality and practicality. Reply
This is a very nice-looking holster. The quality seems very good, but it is extremely tight. After several days trying to break it in, it still pushes the slide out of battery when it push it in all the way. Also, the delivery was excruciatingly slow. I was aware I'd have to wait, but it was too long, in my opinion. The holster rides well and close to the body. If I can get it broken in, it will be a very good holster. I also wish it had a slide shield, but one was not advertised, so that's my fault for not reading the description closely enough. Reply
Superb leather. Cant is good. It conceals pretty well for having a full size pistol and being a OWB. Excellent! Reply
Brian Bartz
Very happy with my holster would definitely use craft again Reply
Cynthia W.
Very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of this holster for my Walther PK380. As expected, it was a tight fit for the first few days, but some overnight holstering followed by draw and fire exercises helped to ease the leather just the right amount. The gun fits perfectly and snugly in this belt mounted holster, and I'm very pleased with the draw angle it provides. If the need arose down the road, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this holster again. Reply
This is a FIRST quality holster. After first receiving the holster, there was definitely a "break-in" period as I could not smoothly holster and re-holster my pistol. but after working with the new holster for about a week it is perfect. Best holster I have ever owned. Reply
Rich myers
One of the nicest holsters i,ve brought in a long time. Gun fits perfectly.I will buy more. Reply
michael bustos
very good quality, good fit and it looks nice, one thing that will make it better will be to have the back just a little bit longer, reason is when holstering the pistol sometimes it bite my skin. Reply
John P Faris
Comfortable to wear. Reply
Guadalupe Delgado
Well made. Fits snug to my body as stated. Took it out on my resent hinting trip for a side arm. Worked with my body perfectly for all the terrain I encountered. Made perfect for my handgun. All my friends who seen it. Tought it was well made also. Would buy another in the future. Delivered on time as stated. Reply
John C.
First I have to say that the quality is superb. The fit is perfect and in just a another month or so it will be nicely broken in naturally. When purchasing this holster from Craft I was under the impression that they were actually producing my holster. However, when it arrived I saw that it was a Falco holster. No big deal, like I said the quality is tops. Craft’s CS was fine. I received notice when item went into production then again when item shipped. All in all I received a great product with great service. Just know that Craft is a distributor and not a manufacturer. Reply
Jeffrey Michaud
Awesome holster, its hard to find a good quality holster for a wheel gun. This was my third holster that I bought from Craft Holsters. Great craftsmanship, design and price. Reply
Mark Duke
I carry my Walther Creed almost every day. I am a full time police investigator. I could not ask for a finer quality leather holster. It’s comfortable and easy to conceal. Top notch. Reply
Perfect holster. Reply
Tom Herron
Excellent holster good fit for my Kimber, holds the gun well with easy break in time. Reply
Followed the directions on breaking the holster in and it fit the gun well. Nicely made with no quality issues. Not quite as stylish as a Galco, but a solid and dependable product. I would buy another one and recommend it to others. Reply
Kerry Holmes
Great holster built great the only problem I had was I could draw it the holster was too tight working on it now Reply
I needed a holster for a 5" revolver and there just weren't any out there so I turned to Craft Holsters for help. Placing my order was easy. Their communication about the progress of my holster being built was great. And the shipping speed was even impressive, especially considering it was coming from Slovakia. The holster turned out BEAUTIFULLY. Great stitching. Thick, high quality leather that has been 'treated' properly. The edges are nicely finished. And my revolver fits it perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased, especially considering the (relatively) small investment paid. I will be using them again the next time I have an 'unusual' holster need. Reply
I've had the holster for several weeks. It's well made and fits great. Reply
Craig swanson
I love them , keep my gun up tight and out of site, Reply
Marco A Renteria
I love this holster,once it was broken in looks &feels great,craftsmanship is top notch ,well worth the wait, highly recommend. Reply
ftancis picray
I have ordered numerous holsters from Craft Holsters and have been satisfied with all but one. The one that I had an issue with was quickly and satisfactorily resolved and I continue the be pleased with their product and customer service. I will continue to purchase holsters from craft as long as they maintain the quality product they have so far. Reply
Jeff Carbone
Great quality Holster...broke in perfectly! Reply
Melissa Carr
Very happy with my holster! Thank you! Would definitely recommend this company! Reply
C. Lehman
Excellent quality but will take some time to loosen up enough for quick access to the pistol in the event of a bear attack. It is to be used as a last resort for that. It is to be concealed to keep tourists from getting nervous. Reply
Terry Smith
I have been through 5 holsters in my search for “the right one”. The open top leather belt holster from Craft ended my hunt. The holster fits my Colt .45 Defender like a glove and based on the fact that it holds the weapon close to my body, it is perfect for concealed carry. The staff at Craft were great to work with and I was kept informed of the progress of my holster during the entire process via email. It took right at four weeks for me to receive it and was well worth the wait. I highly recommend Craft Holster to any one who is ready to buy their last holster. Thanks Craft for a quality product! Reply
Although the fit and finish is head and shoulder above others that I have use in the past. It is very hard to pull the gun out very quickly. Other then that issue, I would recommend to anyone who wants a nice holster. Reply
John Bernardo
Holster is great. It hugs my body close and it is a snug fit for my pistol. Don't waste your money on the expedited delivery. It is a farce. Pay for normal delivery because you will be waiting too long either way to get your holster. My entire experience from the time I ordered my holster until I received it took about 6 weeks. I would like to see a faster system implemented. Reply
The holster for CZ p-01 is a perfect fit. Good product. Reply
Quality made no doubt....considering buying the iwb holster also....6 week wait, but its worth it. It dosent quite cover the trigger guard completely maybe due to the paddle mag release on vp9sk..leather stops right up against paddle release, probably would drag or snag being the paddle releases are a little sharp on ends. Guess you would have to consider that on any holster? Reply
Norma B
I bought it for my son. He is very satisfied with it. Great quality. Great communication during the manufacturing process. Reply
Cliff Peeno
I am extreamly happy with my holster. Service was great. I give a five out of five on my whole experience . And will be using you all again. The holster fits my kimber like a glove. Thank you Reply
This will be my 2nd holster from Craft and I am just as pleased with this holster as I am with the SOB holster for my Rem. R1. Well worth the wait. Reply
Very well made. Very good fit. Excellent holster. Very good customer service. Thomas Meyers Alaska Reply
Ronald Schnell
Great holster! Fits well. Made very well. Great craftsmanship! Reply
Gregory Hall
I'm very happy with this holster purchase. Quality and fit are superb, updates during the building process kept me up-to-date, and the holster simply looks great! I took the break-in tips to heart, using a plastic bag around my pistol and wearing the holster around the house for a couple of days. The fit remains tight enough that I need not worry about losing control of the pistol, yet it draws quickly and smoothly after the break-in. Exceptional quality all around. Reply
Robert Crum
Very nice craftsmanship. Reply
This is the 3rd Falco Holster I’ve purchased recently. The quality is second to none. Beautiful leather and stitching. Also i’m left handed and getting a quality holster can be difficult. Even with the 4-6 week wait, it’s worth it. The entire ordering process is smooth and professional. Reply
Beautifully made and fits my 380 Thunder CC like a glove. Very happy I bought from Craft Holsters! Reply
Rick Chioffi jr
I think that the holster you made for me is very nice and shows great workmanship and craft. I do think that it should have been shipped in a box and not a bag. The holster arrived pushed down and the my gun wouldn't fit without a lot of force. And then it took allot of force to get it back out once again. This makes the breaking in period allot harder. It took me about 3 weeks to get the holster where I now can draw the gun out decently. This is a form fitting holster and doesn't need to be crushed down this defeats the purpose of custom made. Sincerely. Rick Reply
E D Cooper
The holster was made for a Steyr M40-A1. The materials are exceptional grade. The workmanship is superb. The fit is fantastic. Very well done. Reply
CM Taylor
Very well made , top quality leather and my gun fits like a glove ! I have recommended craftholsters to my friends ! Would buy again ! Reply
GREAT holster. Tight fit that needed to be broken in (placed the pistol overnight in the plastic bag that the holster came in). Now it fits like a glove and wears perfectly on my pistol belt. Well made and looks good. Reply
Robert Greenthal
Very pleased with the craftsmanship , fit and quality of the holster. I knew the wait would be awhile as the ad had said but I had time. The holster was perfect. I followed the fit directions and the pistol fits like a glove. I wish I wouldn't have wasted money on a previous other brand holster. Thanks. Bob Reply
I've tired Kydex holsters waistband holsters and for the money craft holsters seem to be the best option for me. I have a CZ 75 compact on all the other holsters it flares out it's a heavy gun so it flares out. Which in turn makes it very hard to conceal I found that the craft holsters doesn't flare out it holds the gun right where I put it. I can also switch sides and use a cross-draw if I so choose. Reply
Seth Marshall
Wow! This holster is about as good as it gets. The craftsmanship and custom fit for my specific gun are off the charts. You'll wait a few weeks to get this holster but it is extremely well made and worth the wait. Hugs my weapon perfectly and I have no concern whatsoever the the weapon may dislodge. Thanks for the quality piece of craftsmanship! Reply
Excellent weapon's fit right out of the box. Very nice workmanship on the leather. Very please with everything. Will definitely be getting another for some of my other pistols. Reply
Ronald Matson
I am very pleased with the fit and finish of this outstanding holster and would definitely order another in the future. This holster is worth the wait, Quality is not fast. Reply
Mike L.
While this holster sets slightly higher than I am used to, it is rapidly becoming my favorite. Beautiful craftsmanship and detailed stitching. I will be ordering a matching magazine holder soon. Will recommend to friends! Thanks! Reply
Good snug fit exactly for my Ruger SR9C. Solid high quality leather requires some break in but I am very happy with this OWB Holster. Does take some time from order to receipt. While company might be based in US, holsters are crafted in Europe. Reply
Steve Hiedeman
I love this holster and the way it fits and rides on my side. It conceals easily and retains my FNS-9C VERY well. I would order another one if and when I need another holster! Reply
Excellent hostler good fit well made Reply
Looks very well made and the gun fits great. I'm completely satisfied. Reply
Gerald Sherfield
Excellent craftsmanship, Fit my Kimber perfectly. Reply
This was the only holster company that had a open top fitted holster for my Taurus 450 45LC. Fits perfect and is well made. Reply
Angie Purgason
Bought for a gift for my nephew. Not really knowing what I was ordering, I was very impressed once it came. I had his initials put on it and thought they would be bigger, but he was pleased. Looked like very fine quality and well made. I feel like it is something he will keep for a long time. Reply
Charles Ree
Beautiful piece of work, I only wish I had not been so hasty and kept it, when truly it did not fit just right. There must be a difference between a Sig P229 and a Sig P229 Legion. Reply
Paul Heinz
In my opinion the fit is perfect right out of the box no adjustment required. More importantly it rides like it's hugging my skin. This is a heavy 686 plus revolver! Outstanding! A rare comment for Holster Companies. Reply
Bob Gelowicz
Best holster I have ever seen or used. Show it off all the time and everyone is also impressed by story of how it's made and the great quality of the workmanship. Reply
Great quality out of the packaging. Working 36 years in a profession that uses all range of leather, this leather is supple, smooth grained & the pattern for the gun appears conforming. The test will be extended use, lather distortion & retention....I’m optimistic... Reply
I started working in a gun shop last year, and all employees were encouraged to open carry. My current holster collection for my CZ SP-01 and P-01 were for USPSA-type competitions, and really didn't provide long term comfort for a long 9 hour day on your feet or in front of a computer screen running background checks. After some research, I chose the Open Top Leather Belt Holster, and couldn't be happier. I wear my CZ P-01 with a stiff belt at the 3:30-4:00 position, and just don't notice it all day long, in fact, I'm often reaching to my side for a quick touch to be sure it's there! The workmanship is very clean and solid, took two days to break it in using a plastic bag over the firearm and letting it sit overnight. I ended up purchasing a Craft Holster for my full size CZ SP-01 Tactical as well. Nice job Craft! Reply
Randy Reinecke
Fantastic quality!! Fits perfect! Reply
william partridge
Beat holster I’ve ever owned. I am a retired State Trooper of 37 years and taught firearms and tactical shooting for over 20 years. I know holsters. Quality,retention and concealment. This holster gets A+ across the board. Well worth the money and wait. Reply
Dale Paas
Great holster. Great Fit. Will order from this quality company again. Reply
Great craftsmanship. Takes a while to get your order, but its made to orders to fit your pistol.. Reply
Very comfortable holster! I love the way it hugs up against my body and stays put. Only thing I am concerned about is that my leather belts are hard to get through the belt slots. My belts are normal size and one cannot even get through the slits as the slits are not wide enough. I hope this is just due to being new, but have never had a leather holster have slits where the belt wont even go through. Reply
Louis Myers
This is a fine leather holster and my hand gun fits in it perfectly. Reply
Noel Ignacio
One the best if not the best OWB custom made holsters I ever bought. Very comfortable, perfect fit for the weapon, waited a little longer than I expected but worth it, would recommend to anyone looking for a quality built holster Reply
Rory Purucker
my pistil fits very well. Reply
Clarence Marrs
I took my time breaking my new holster in. On the second day working with it things all started to come together. The holster is worth five stars, it holds my gun close to my body. You Can't go wrong with this product. Thanks for good service !! Reply
John Nault
I ordered this for my CZ 75 SP 01 tactical. It is well made and fits perfect. Had my initials embossed on it. Looks great! Holds the gun close to my body . I will definitely order more from Craft Holsters. Reply
Howard Adams
Right out of the perfect fit ,no break in ,great holster. Reply
Good quality workmanship and materials. Fit my gun perfectly. I will use Craft Holsters again Reply
Paul Gilbert
Great holster. Wonderful workmanship Only thing better would be a piece of leather that came up and covered the frame of the gun to protect it from ones body and sweat and such...without a thumb break. Often when I wear the holster and weapon, I have it covered by a shirt that is not tucked in, outside the waistband, with the exposed part of the gun touching my skin. Something to protect my skins from sharp edges on the gun (especially a 1911 type gun) would be great! Can you make such an design? I carry my PPK, a Glock and a Kimber 1911. Thanks...Paul Reply
The Craft holster is the best I have seen in regards to all required parameters. The design, material, workmanship, and tailored made fit to my LCP2 is perfect. There is no suggestion on my part that would make it better. At first I was concerned about my hand gun accidental falling out of the holster because it did not have a safety strap. This worry was unwarranted. I held the holster upside down and shook it not violently, but with strong force. My pistol did not come out. Then I returned the holster/pistol to my hip and drew smoothly with little to no resistance. I have confidence that my pistol will remain in the holster until needed. The safety strap will of course slow down the draw and the only time I would want one would be if I was rock climbing. I got what I ordered, an exquisite hand crafted holster that will last for several life times. Reply
Kent Bailey
This hand crafted holster fit my Dan Wesson specialist commander perfectly. The break in instructions were explicit about proper sizing using a plastic bag. I used that method actually for several days along with wearing the holster with the firearm to fine tune the fit and retention I desired. The Leather ,stitching, craftsmanship and leather finish are top quality. Waiting time was as advertised and got several updates on status. Hard to wait that long...but well worth it. Also...Fits my 1 1/2 belt like a glove. Secure with no slop or slippage anywhere. Excellent! Reply
A holster of the highest quality. It was worth the wait. Reply
Saul Espinoza
Great Holster,this is my second order from Craft ,4th holster,5 stars all day ,GREAT holsters,will not disappoint!! Reply
Saul Espinoza
Great Holster,no issues whatsoever,love it!!!! Highly recommend!! Reply
Kevin IWhite
I like the holster had to enlarge belt holes to accept 1/4 inch belt also very tight fit. Workmanship and finish is topnotch Reply
Kevin IWhite
I like the holster had to enlarge belt holes to accept 1/4 inch belt also very tight fit. Workmanship and finish is topnotch Reply
Kevin White
Very happy with the Colt holster perfect fit could not ask for more Reply
Holster looks great and feels great. My gun fit perfectly right out of the box. Let gun sit in holster over night, and I've been wearing it ever since. High quality holster, worth the wait. Reply
Harvey McKinley
Looks good. Gun fits well. Looks like a good choice. Thank you. Reply
So far so good seems comfortable and strong. Reply
Great quality Holster, Custom fit Reply
Peter Morrison
I bought this for a Walther P22. The fit is snug so it will need a little break in period but that is to be expected of a proper fitting holster. Leather quality would suggest that this will be around longer than me. Very good price on a custom made to order product. Reply
Michael Welt
I bought my Walther pistol in January and the shop where I got it didn't have a holster for it but they could make one out of plastic. I thought that would hurt my side and dig into my body. So I googled holsters that would fit my pistol and I found Craft Holsters and was surprised that they carried many different positions of holsters for my gun that was made of leather. So I ordered one and it took 5 weeks to make and was very worth waiting for. It was very good quality leather and stitching and my pistol fit in it very securely. I am extremely happy with my purchase!! Reply
Don North
During the Christmas holidays I ordered an OWB for my S&W model 64 snubby. The order was completed quickly and I am very pleased with the quality of the holster. I have ordered two more holsters for my Bersa Thunder 380, a shoulder hoslter and an OWB. My rating is EXCELLENT on all points. If you need a hard to find holster, this is the place! Reply
Very good quality holster that is custom made in Europe. Their communications from start to finish are fantastic and the holster arrived after they had tested it with the actual model pistol. I liked that a lot as it seemed like they had cycled the gun through it many times. It was not super hard like some of the other leather holsters I have had. I love it and will buy again from them. Reply
Mark Hansen
I have only wore it a couple of days now, but so far I really like it. I rides high and conceals well for a owb holster. It snugs the firearm well and am confident that the firearm will stay put. It is comfortable and a pleasure to wear. It will see a lot of use and the quality is top notch. Thank you for a vey nice product. Reply
Jay Madison
Very well made. Attractive. Reply
Henry Hurrass
Hi, I deliberately took a little longer to rate my new custom holster for my Sig 230 pistol because I wanted to give you a fair assessment. Yes, it did take about a month to receive in the mail and after a couple of weeks of wearing it (both with and without the gun). It was well worth the wait. First thing I did was the overnight "break-in" with a plastic freezer bag as recommended. My gun fits perfectly and I am not worried at all about it falling out of the holster. That's truly a mark towards fine craftsmanship. I tend to wear mine off to the side a bit due to comfort when I'm driving. After just a few days I became totally unaware that I was even wearing it. Thanks again for all your effort and making me feel like I am part of your family. Regards, Henry Hurrass located in the Wild West of Arizona Reply
Mike Owen
The best fitting holster ever. One night with a baggie over the gun was all the break-in it needed. Reply
Brandon Sweeney
Flawless craftsmanship, great materials and a wonderfully fit. The only down side is it took a month to get it. More than worth the money, I've paid more for holsters of the rack. Craft Holsters are a great option especially for holsters that are hard to find. Thanks again Reply
George from Alabama
Very nice, fits perfectly, very high quality. Reply
John C.
I bought this holster for my S&W 625. I replaced the front and rear sights and needed a holster that would not interfere with the sights or position them to jab me in the side. This craft holster is set up so that the pistol draws easily and won't rake or snag me with the rear sight. I'm using this holster for IDPA. Reply
George Garrett
Excellent holster long wait time Reply
Very nice holster fits my revolver like a glove and it got here quick. Reply
Ron Blackmon
So far, so good. I am satisfied Reply
David Long
This holster is very well made. I am in the process of breaking it in per the instructions sent with it. It is beautiful and fits my gun perfectly. I haven't shot from the holster at the range yet, but will let you know after I put it through the paces. So far I am very pleased. Reply
Great holster!! My Walther fits perfectly and rides well on my belt. It is the perfect combo for concealed carry daily. Reply
This holster is “ first class”. Excellent craftsmanship .Fits my pistol perfectly, it everything you would expect from a handcrafted holster and more. Customer service is super friendly and helpful. Highly recommend this product to anyone. Reply
Guy S Harris Sr
The best holster you can buy fits like a glove. Don't have to spend hours looking for holster just tell them what you need have bought four HAPPY with each. Reply
Excellent holster. Fit my Springfield 1911 EMP 4 great. Little break in period. Now get this holster made to fit a Sig p320 9mm X-Carry Reply
Bill Craig
Outstanding craftsmanship, fits perfectly, keeps the pistol close to the body and is very comfortable. This is the second holster purchased from Craft holsters and rest assured these guys will be my choice for future purchases. Reply
great quality, gun fits perfectly and it look good. Reply
Peter Morrison
I order this for my CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical and the fit is perfect. Everything with these guys is made to order so it will be 3-4 weeks to delivery but worth the wait since a good holster will last forever. Reply
T Cox
Fits firearm well and maintains appropriate snugness for control with no slippage. Break-in was seamless and molded to my hip after 2 wearings. I strongly recommend craft holsters. Worth the money and the wait. Well done! Reply
Don North
I ordered an OWB holster for a new Bersa Thunder .380. The quality is excellent, of course, and it rides close to my body. For a custom holster the delivery time was remarkably short, and the price is competitive with high-grade holsters. I have 3 holsters from Craft Holsters and I will continue to be a customer. Reply
Mike L
Outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Custom fit for my S&W .44 mag revolver and fit like a glove. Very good fit on belt and surprisingly makes my large revolver concealable for carry. This is an outstanding quality product and Craft Holster will be my choice for all my holster needs from now on. Reply
Bill D
Five stars for this holster and for the staff at Craft Holsters. It looks well made; no flaws: and fits the fun perfectly. Breaking it in has gone pretty quickly, and I am very satisfied with this product. I would say too that the folks at Craft were exceptional in providing meaningful communication and updates during production of my order. I will be a returning customer for my future purchases. Thanks to the staff! Reply
Frank Slaby
High quality leather; excellent craftsman ship. Holster fit my CZ-75 Compact perfectly. Most likely I will purchase another holster (or more) for some of my other handguns. Reply
Mark Winkowski
Very well made. I am very happy with it. Well worth the wait. I will be looking at getting another one for my other gun. Reply
Ralph J. Connor
I would buy another, my pistol fits in this holster like a glove class A workmanship. Reply
Ron Parks
Exactly what I was looking for in a quality leather OWB holster. Perfect fit and requires little break in time. Reply
Roger Winchester
I needed a leather holster for my 3” Ruger GP100 that would allow me to carry concealed, this holster does that with style and craftsmanship! Great job guys will definitely recommend you to anybody that I hear needs a leather holster. Reply
Rick Caceres
Superior quality Reply
Great craftsmanship. The requirements (for the position I hold) are that the holster retains the pistol when inverted and that the pistol can be reholstered without looking or using the support hand to assist. The tight fit satisfies the retention requirement but not the reholstering requirement. I've eased the top of the holster to allow reholstering and snugged up the barrel/slide portion to improve retention. Another holster model may have precluded those tweaks. The cant of the holster is a bit too far forward - FBI recommendations aside. Price of the holster was very reasonable. Reply
Rick Vugrin, Denver Colorado
This is a very high quality holster, that came custom fit for my pistol. The molding, stitching, and quality of it are second to none. If you are looking for a functional, stylish, good looking forever holster, one I'm very proud to wear, look no further. Reply
Jeff Schroll
The over all quality compares with off the shelf models readily available. I thought the leather would have been a better quality. Although I am pleased with my purchase, my expectation fro a custom made product was much higher. The site states it takes 6-8 weeks to receive and took every bit of 7 weeks to receive. Overall price and the time it took would most likely prevent me from ordering another product considering the same quality is available immediately at gun dealers at roughly 20% less in cost. Downside is the production time. Upside is it truly is a nice holster. Reply
Upon receiving the first thing I noticed was the quality, comparable to many higher priced holsters. As stated the holster was very tight. Just followed the instructions for getting it broken in. Wrapped pistol in food wrap plastic and put in holster. took some force to get it in. After letting it sit for several day removed wrap and had a perfect fit. Very pleased with this product and will buy again. Reply
Beautiful holster, well made, super fine quality. Tight on my new Dan Wesson CCO as they indicated it would be. I found a great article on breaking it in using wax paper. Left it in overnight and it fits perfectly. If I get another quality handgun, I would not hesitate to come back to Craft for it's holster. Reply
Christopher J. Collins
I am thoroughly pleased with my holster. It fits my Steyr 9mm perfectly and the craftsmanship is superb. I will purchase additional holsters for my other handguns. Thank you. Reply
Robert Greene
Awesome holster. I am extremely please with the quality and custom fit and would highly recommend craftholsters to anyone. Reply
Michael P Murphy
This is the third Craft holster I've purchased. It requires a little break-in as the holster truly is moulded to the weapon, but once done, it is an awesome holster. Craft holsters are the only holsters I use. They fit the gun well, are comfortable to wear, and retain the gun without sacrificing the ability to draw quickly. Reply
Ed Gould
Throughout my career I have used a number of holsters. I've never had a holster with such a tight fit. Your suggestion to use plastic was tried and finally went to two plastics wrapped on the gun. After much saddle soap and days in the holster it's still to tight. It appears your pattern is a hair too tight. You might want to let your customers know the real reason for the extreme delay on shipment is because it's coming from out of country. Other then those issue I think the holster will be fine over time. Reply
James Isbell
One could not have ask higher quality Open Top Leather Belt Holster. The stitching including the bottom tension was perfect as was the color. The advise about using a plastic bag to help break-in the Holster was perfect. The only beef I have, is it takes too much time from making to order till receiving.........but I will always come back to your business for any future leather needs I may have. Thanks Reply
Michael Savitski
This is the second holster I have purchased from Craft Holsters. I purchased a holster for my S&W Shield several months ago, and this most recent holster is for my CZ 75 PCR. Both of these holsters are of outstanding quality. The fit and finish on both holsters is excellent, and they are both the two most comfortable holsters I own. I will be making all future holster purchases from Craft. Reply
Larry Addis
The holster i purchased is far over rated made somewhere in Europe and u go through three companies you can get a far better product from Fremont Ohio in my opinion Reply
Delbert Lemons
The holster looks great and is all you say it is. A good value for the quality work that is put into the making of the holster. Will tell others about the products you offer. Thanks for a great job. Reply
Holster is a very good design. Pistol fits great. My only critique is the leather used is very thin and time will tell how well it holds up. Good thing is it’s for my hi power and won’t get carried as much as my LW commander which I use a mojo holster and is far superior to this one. With a hi power you just don’t have a lot of options. Reply
David Smith
I sent for this holster for my new Ruger SP101 .357 mag. with 4" barrel. At first, when my credit card wouldn't accept the charge, I was a little leary of this company. But after 1 call everything was straightened out, and I must say that the people at Craft Holsters are super to deal with. They keep you informed about the crafting of your holster and the processes involved, and let you know when it's finished and ready to be shipped! The craftsmanship is remarksble and the fit is perfect. My .357 carries tight against my back, is comfortable, and inconspictuious. I will be ordering a holster soon for my wife's new .380. Thank You Craft Holsters! Reply
Matt Dietz
Very pleased! Thank you! Reply
David Howard
Received the new holster and found it ultra tight for inserting my Ruger sr40c; far too tight to allow any access to the gun if needed, so needless to say I will not be using this holster right now. I stuffed my gun into it wrapped in two plastic bags and put it in the safe, and hopefully when I take it out after a week it will be ready for use. It appears to be a well made, heavy leather and I look forward to wearing it. Reply
Stanley curtis
I looked for holsters in my local stores could not find anything that was right for my gun I have a Walther PPS I ordered the holster It was made with top quality leather it's fit my gun perfect I'm very happy with the product and I would recommend this company to everyone Reply
Walther PPQ M2. Fit right in the first time. Did not have to break it in. Looks great, wears great. Recommend. Reply
Holster is very well made and fits snuggly. I am in the break in period for both weapon and holster so have only worn to the range but it was comfortable for those few hours. Reply
The best quality I've ever seen in a holster. After a short break in period it's been absolute perfection. I could not ask for anything better. My compliments to the craftsman that made the holster for my Steyr M9-A1. Reply
Fits great with very little break in required. Looks great too. Reply
Kurt Owen
Awesome fit and perfectly made. I’m so very happy with my holster Reply
Harold Snyder
Very well made and fits the Ruger Redhawk perfectly Reply
Dave Ollivier
Outstanding craftsmanship and great customer service. Highly recommend doing business with them! Reply
Scott Rehak
Top notch holster, fit my Kimber Crimson Carry 1911 perfectly. Holster is angled forward for easy retrieval of firearm. Reply
Elvin Bailey
The holster is great. Really love the color. Reply
William Tackett
I had expected the leather to be formed for a fluted cylinder. It appears to be more suitable to a S&W 686 with a non fluted cylinder. I could however be entirely wrong. Reply
Nice holster all in all! Only thing is it’s not as snug fitting as I expected. After reading about the break in process I was expecting a little tighter fit. It’s not a problem but just thought it should be noted. Maybe a thicker leather? Still a very functional and beautiful holster! Less break in time ain’t so bad I guess. And is still worth the money. Reply
Great quality holster. Break-in was easy per their instructions. I’m very happy with this product Reply
Very well crafted holster! Perfect for me and my XD subcompact! Reply
Paul S.
Very well made. Comfortable. Reply
The holster is well made. However the forming did not allow for a front site channel so it is not smooth to withdraw and leather bits will be on the front site. If not for the his small problem the holster would be excellent. Reply
Tommy Hill
I bought this holster for my CZ 75 Compact and its perfect! Excellent quality and stitching and fits the pistol like a glove. I highly recommend it for your CC. Awesome Quality and Workmanship. Reply
Tim Coleman
Excellent fit and great quality leather Reply
Steve Brockhoff
Fantastic product. Excellent craftsmanship. Shipping was good. Overall experience was great. Reply
Val Shaffer
I am so happy with my new Craft holster that I can’t contain my excitement! My Ruger Kodiak revolver is a new enough model that there were not many offerings in holsters...until I consulted with Craft! The fit & finish is more than impressive & this holster lets me conceal a huge Ruger Kodiak! That is the best of all worlds! I recommend Craft to anyone searching for a fine holster! Reply
Steve Van Sant - Palmer, AK
My new leather belt holster is a work of art! It is well made and beautiful The fit is snug and it appears that it will last a lifetime! I am extremely happy with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new holster. I would caution anyone buying one to NOT bother having their initials put on the holster. Besides the expense ($9.99, I think) and the extra time it takes to finish the project, it looks very amateurish! It's not the expense so much as it is the look! I would suggest just skipping this option and purchase the holster without it and if wanted, have it done locally to get what you will appreciate. I would definitely order another holster, but it will be without the initials. Reply
Karl Solms
The holster is not as tight and form fitted as I would want. If you place the weapon in the holster off the belt and turn it upside down, it will fall out, so I would not trust it to hold the weapon during a physical altercation. The finish and stitching of the holster is well done. Reply
Stanley Thomas
Just got the holster. Impressed and pleased so far. Need some time to see how it wears over time. Looks and feels quality! Reply
James "BUD" Norris
My Craft holster, for my Beretta 40 cal. is the best of the best. I own many holsters and my Craft holster is far superior in every way. The care and expertise to build my holster is very apparent. The cut of the leather, the stitching the custom fit for my specific pistol is awesome! The way my Craft holster lays on my side and rides my belt ensures my pistol is secure and ready for action if necessary. And the cherry on top, is my initials. How could it be better than that!? I HIGHLY recommend Craft Holsters to everyone that carry's a firearm. Reply
This holster is not only beautiful and functional, it is also COMFORTABLE, a feature often lacking in holsters. Reply
Steve V.
Perfect fit for my Ruger Super Redhawk 5" Toklat. Took about 5 weeks which is not unusual for a quality holster. Reply
I am very pleased with this holster. I have several holsters from other companies sitting in a drawer because they didn't do it for me, but this is the one. It provides a nice snug fit which holds the firearm securely and comfortably, and holds it close against the body, minimizing printing and eliminating flopping around. Even though it is open top, the form fitted design provides secure retention of the firearm. Great product! Reply
Quality of product is very good. Holster has an excellent cant. Initial break-in was easy. Reply
Got the holster for a Smith and Wesson model 57. The looks great and works great also. Leather and stitching is of very good quality, a comparable holster would close to $100 dollars in a big box store. Reply
Perfect fit for Kimber ultra crimison .380. Fit on belt is comfortable with very little break in time. I am a female and can conceal carry with this holster and don't even notice it is on my hip. Very pleased with purchase. Reply
Top quality in both material and craftsmanship Reply
Excellent holster, especially for the price. Reply
Mike Petersen
Nice holster, had trouble finding a fit for my Sig P239 as it has been discontinued. Holster fits perfect after some break in time. Will be buying more for my other pistols. Reply
Bob Egge
Perfect fit as delivered. Like all good holsters it becomes "invisible" to the shooter. Reply
anthony g.
So far I like it, exactly what I was looking for. 5 stars Reply
Jerry Mirman
Second holster I've purchased from them. There great, will buy from again. Reply
I haven’t used it much so far but my first impression is that it is made very well and will work well as a Concealed Carry Holster when I need it. Reply
patrick varden
holster fit my h&k p7 m13 perfectly amazing quality for the price ! Reply
Ward Stovall
I received what was promised! I'm very satisfied. Pony express delivery was also as promised. Don't expect to fast draw. Reply
The holster I received was quality and it fit my weapon perfectly. Reply
Phillip E.
Very nice Holster well worth the wait. Reply
I was really impressed with the Quality of the workmanship and the fit. I would recommend Craft Holster to anyone looking for a fine top quality leather holster, Reply
Greg Pitts
Superb craftmanship! Reasonable price. What else can one say! Well done! Reply
Having gone through the myriad of Kydex holsters out there, and not feeling comfortable or secure when carrying: one should not have to check and tighten screws after a day of carrying. After deciding OWB was how I wanted to carry, I went looking for something that holds the firearm close to my body. This holster does that. I am left handed, and carry at about the 8:00 position, and all day carry is very comfortable. I did not need to break the holster in to get my handgun to fit, and holster easily. As the leather forms to my belt and body, the comfort level goes up. All in all, a great holster that looks good and carries comfortably. It was also enjoyable tracking my holster 1/2 way across the world after it shipped. Reply
Bruce Mullin
This Open Top holster fits my need exactly. The hand gun I am using is a Remington RP45. Craft Holsters does not make a holster for this gun yet. The RP45 fits in my Glock G20 gen 4, 10 mm Falco holster very well, so I purchased a new open top holster for a Glock G20. The new holster is a tight fit so I placed the RP45 in a zip lock bag and inserted the gun and bag into the holster for 2 days to stretch the leather. It now has an excellent fit. The RP45 fits close to my body for a nice feel. This is a large gun with a "double stack" 45 magazine and the new holster turns it into a good concealed carry weapon. Reply
Good quality leather and would highly recommend!! Reply
Arthur Stead
A little stiff at first, but that is to be expected. Very well made. Fits my gun exactly. Reply
Kenneth Smith
I got this OWB holster for a Colt Commander. This is a high quality leather holster, easily the equal of holsters costing twice as much. The holster holds the gun high and tight against the body and does not move around on my 1.25" belt (the slots are up to 1.5"). For break in all I did was push the gun all the way in (it was tight) and wear it for a day. By the end of the day the holster had achieved a balance between retention and ease of draw that I am pleased with. Reply
great holster fits perfect well made works as i expected Reply
Excellent craftsmanship! Great fit. Holsters could stand to be lined with soft leather. Price point good. To be fair I probably could have requested soft lining. I would recommend to friends Reply
Although a fine holster I think the leather should be a little thicker for a full size 1911 .45 caliber. Reply
Excellent Holster. I have 6 Holsters Made from Craft Holster I give 5 stars Reply
Just received my new holster yesterday. I am very pleased with the fit and quality. I own a CZ 75 B compact and it has been difficult to find a great owb holster. This is perfect! Reply
Robert Wingate
Great craftsmanship! Perfect fit to my CZ 70 after just a brief break in period. Very satisfied with this purchase. Thanks! Reply
This is my 2nd Holster from Craft. Amazing quality and well worth the wait. I've tried so many holsters from other vendors, you just can not beat Craft's prices and quality. They are my go to team for future holster purchases. Reply
Bob Good
I have been in Law Enforcement for 30 years and had a 686 Holster made from CRAFT HOLSTERS. It is by far the best quick draw holster I have and is made from the best quality. I have great confidence in this product and recommend this company. They have a very friendly and professional staff. Why go anywhere else? Reply
Amazing! My father loves it so much! Couldn’t be happier with it! Reply
Excellent craftsmanship. I think this will be the best holster I’ve ever owned. Reply
Donald Bass
Outstanding,excellent can not say enough good about it. enjoying it very much. Reply
Allan Hartley
a great product! extremely well made and fits my Steyr L9a1 like a glove. also extremely comfortable to wear Reply
Mike Massaro
This is a great holster. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you!! Reply
Great product and well worth the wait. Reply
This is my second holster from Craft Holsters. I am more than satisfied. Great value. Reply
Phillip Weis
The Craft holster that I purchased is a very good, very well made holster. I use it for my EDC and have no problems with it. It retains my CZ very well and is comfortable to wear. I recommend it to everyone I know that is looking for a holster. Reply
Bert L.
Purchased this holster based on the reviews and they were very accurate. Holster was a little stiff, but leaving the gun in it over night it loosen up nicely. It does a great job of holding it close to your body so as not to print through a shirt. It's as advertised, well made, fits the piece perfect and I would order this holster again. Reply
Thomas Shon
I am 100% satisfied with this holster. the Workmanship, quality of the leather, the fit, I give more than a 5 star rating. Craft Holsters customer service is 1st class and they will respond immediately to address any questions, concerns. They also go the "extra-step" to satisfy customer needs. i will be a repeat customer throughout 2019. Reply
Michael McGraw
I liked the looks of the holster on-line and the custom fitting for my gun. The folks at Craft kept me fully informed of the manufacturing and shipping schedule and the holster arrived sooner than I expected. I have been pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of the holster. The instructions suggested a breaking in period which I did. I wore the holster for 2 or 3 days with and without the gun and at the end of that time the holster had held its shape but was soft and pliable and comfortable to wear. I am very pleased with the holster and it was just what I wanted. Reply
I have ordered two holsters for Craft, and I find them to be first rate and of high quality. Reply
R Kelly3
Beautiful leather and feel. Great quality. Great craftsmanship!!! Well worth the money and wait ! Reply
Excellent holster for Sig 238. I would buy another one. Reply
Brando Skanes
Excellent holster. I like this holster the best out of the 3 I own. Reply
S Maloney
I couldn't be more pleased with this holster! The craftsmanship, fit and finish is outstanding. It is an exceptional value for the price as well. I also would like you to know that your outstanding customer service was certainly a factor when I chose Craft Holsters and my customer representative went above and beyond to make sure my sure my experience with your company was a positive one. Reply
The holster I ordered was perfect and of high quality. Reply
Love it. Exactly what I was looking for. Reply
John Caile CFI
Ordered this holster for my S&W 629 44Mag, 3-inch barrel, UN-fluted cylinder. The holster PRECISELY fits my gun, including having no indentations for cylinder fluting, as I requested. Excellent materials and workmanship. Great value as well. Reply
Jim Breedlove
Holster is well made. It has a nice finish. Appears to be durable, but only time will tell. I asked that it be made longer to fit the extra length for the threaded barrel of my Sig P320 TB and it fits well. The tip of the barrel does not protrude beyond the holster. Reply
Very comfortable holster.. Worth the wait Reply
Ken Haysley
Great quality as others purchased and perfect fit for this handgun. Thanks Reply
Joe Canas
Very satisfied with the functionality and the way this holster is put together. Fits the firearm like a glove. Reply
Sam Maizlech
Big fan of Craft Holsters' products and company as a whole. Love the open top leather holster for open carry. Plenty durable, operational, and gorgeous! Reply
Joe Mangan
This a Great Holster. The gun fit perfectly and securely. It is a heavy gun but the design distributes the weight comfortably. No real Breaking in was necessary . As in the case of the other holsters I purchased from Craft/Falco the product is excellent and the customer service communication to me during the production period was very good! Reply
Dennis Johnson
The holster is a great product great craftsmanship quality and looks. They do need to let future buyers that it is manufactured in another country and will take awhile to receive it. Reply
Stephen Fowler
Exactly what I was looking for!! I went through 7 holsters for my last CC gun until I found one I loved. I found the Bianchi to be the one and have loved it for quite a few years. I recently purchased a new CC gun and with it being fairly new on the market I was unable to find the same holster I had. Well after some research I came across Craft holsters. Looking at their website and models it it appeared that this was the as close to my other one as I would get. The price kinda scared me as most other custom holsters were twice as much money. Finally after about a month of contemplating I ordered it! From the instant I clicked the order button until it got to my home the customer service was out of this world!! I received updates as the holster went through different processes of manufacturing and called the customer service line a couple of times to see if they had any additional info on production ( I am not very patient). When it arrived it is perfect in every way! When I hold it next to my old one it is almost identical. If you are looking for a good functional holster for a good price I would encourage you to give Craft a call! It is not a super fancy custom holster and there are others out there that probably have some better features and heavier leather but, for a basic everyday CC holster it is GREAT! I cannot stress enough the great customer service. I would order from Craft again without a doubt!! Thanks Craft for an awesome experience!! Steve Reply
Great holster,perfect fit. Took a while to get but worth the wait. Reply
Jon C.
Processing and delivery time was a few weeks, just as advertised. Quality is impeccable, as advertised. I see no flaws in construction or cosmetics. Fit was perfect and took fewer than 50 in-out cycles for smooth draw. Break-in on my belt was also short--after a couple days of continuous wear, it felt like an extension of me. Great product at a great price. Reply
Tried several brands for my Springfield 45 XDM, none fit, the Craft holster fits perfectly and securely. Good craftsmanship! Craft will be my holster supplier from now on! Reply
John Beghin
Well made, excellent fit and retention, quality product Reply
Brett Phillips
Very well made and good looking holster holds my 5 1/2” barrel revolver snuggly but not to tight so that I can’t get my gun out comfortably. My friends love it too and I have 2 of them! Reply
Michael Norrick
A fine piece of craftsmanship. Absolutely beautiful. Reply
G Man
You are the ONLY holster manufacturer that makes a XDM-10mm 5.25" holster! It was a perfect fit and the craftsmanship was superb. The only drawback is it takes awhile between placing the order and paying for it and it's delivery. Speed that up a notch and nobody can touch you. Reply

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