Leather Pancake Holster w 2 Carry Positions Code: It. H1

Leather Pancake Holster w 2 Carry Positions Code: It. H1

Leather Pancake Holster w 2 Carry Positions
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On Stock
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2 Carry Positions
2 Carry Positions
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 2 Year Warranty
Premium 2 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

If you are looking for a thin and sturdy pancake holster that can be easily concealed and gives you two positions to carry, this is the one for you. This holster features double-stitched key points for a tighter fit and longer durability and has a slightly opened muzzle end to keep the dirt away. Three widespread belt slots for different cants will keep the holster close to the body and minimize the print and a safety snap, which is incorporated into the leather, will prevent any harm to the finish of the gun.

All The Details

The holster is designed to be carried outside the waistband, either 3 or 4 o’clock. It’s thermo molded and crafted from Italian leather in a pancake style that rides closely to the body. Security of the holster is provided with a snap and thumb break. The belt loops are reinforced and heat-treated. The cant is customizable by re-inserting the belt.  The holster is designed to fit a 1.5’’ belt.

Double Stitched Premium Leather

The holster is double-stitched on key points of use such as the opening and belt loops. It features a premium sewn-in snap that won’t harm the finish of the gun. The muzzle is partially open and curved at the ends so that dirt, which was collected in the holster won’t stay inside and the holster itself will be more dirt-proof than common open muzzle holsters.

Three Belt Loops Offer Two Positions

The holster has three belt loops which allow two ways of carry. 3 or 4 o’clock. The holster is canted while being carried at 4 o’clock. The belt loops are widespread and the holster rides closer to the body and doesn’t print while allowing a steady position on the belt without moving around.

Weeks Of Molding For Perfect Fit

The holster has been wet-molded during it’s weeks of production directly to a specific gun model. This method allows the holster to accommodate only one weapon properly and safe. It fits like a glove and holds the shape.

Italian Quality Leather

The holster has all the attributes thanks to a genuine cowhide from Italy. It has a thickness of 1/10''  The shape is retained thanks to the wet-molding of the leather and the use of quality oils in the process. Vegetable oils applied layer by layer  and  a shellac finish that further prolongs the lifespan of the holster.

Pistols And Revolvers

We tested the holster for both pistols and revolvers. The pistol fits without any problems as usual and seen on the pictures.  With the revolver option, there is no leather protecting the trigger guard, it’s advised to buy this holster only in case this is not a problem with you. See the gallery for more info

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Entire barrel covered

  • Three belt slots for perfect stability

  • Strong side 3 or 4 o'clock

  • Quick release snaps

  • Open muzzle

  • Available in right and left handed design

  • 2 year limited warranty

Customer reviews

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John Goldstein
This holster fits my Kimber Stainless 1911 perfectly. The leather is high quality, I almost can't feel the gun, great work I have to say. I will recommend Craft Holsters to everyone. Reply
D. Braun
The 96A1 pistol fits real well and the holster construction is excellent. Nice purchase. Reply
Jimmy Godfrey
great holster and worth the wait Reply
Doc Sweeny
Probably the nicest finished, best fitting and best priced holster I have - and I have a lot of them. Reply
Aaron Steigerwalt
I love the holster--it is comfortable to wear and it fits my pistol like a glove. The only thing I wish was different is the opening at the end of the barrel. I wished it was stitched closed so no debris or dirt would get in the barrel while I'm hiking or hunting. Reply
Just received the holster today; excellent fit and craftsmanship. Definitely worth the wait. Reply
The holster that was made for me is just awesome fits my RIA 1911 in .45 like a glove, will be ordering another one for my GSG 1911 in .22, the craftsmanship and quality is second to none, wish I had found out about them sooner and now will be ordering more for my son. Reply
Very pleased with the holster. Its quality made . A little break in to deal with but comfortable to wear . Like a good pair of boots it will just get better. I would highly recommend . Reply
Well made and worth the $. Custom fit to my gun. Reply
Great quality holster! Purchased for a RIA 1911 10mm tactical with full length rail, and the gun fit just fine in it. Reply
Jim Mace
The pistol fit perfectly in the holster, which is well made and attractive. It is pretty "stiff", but and sure it will loosen up a little as it is used. I am very pleased with the purchase. Reply
Dennis Coker
Very pleased with my Craft Holster fits my Beretta 92 fs like a glove, beautiful leather quality and workmanship five stars for me. Thanks Craft. Reply
Jim Crowley
Holster was well made and it fit perfect. I was having trouble finding one that fit and this solved the problem It took a little long for shipping but it was worth the wait. Reply
Great quality leather. Fits my .38 perfectly. Very happy with my purchase. Reply
Great holster. Well made and fits my Beretta 92a1 perfectly Reply
Jeff Moscicki
Excellent quality at a fair price. Your service is fantastic from your easy to navigate Web site, delivery and followup. Will recommend and support you to anyone looking to purchase a new quality holster. Best regards. Reply
Matt L
Terrific holster! High quality and great design. Reply
jeff wilson
I was expecting to receive the holster I ordered in 2 to 3 weeks , got it in 5 days. The quality and craftmanship is perfect. Great fit for the pistol that I ordered for. By following the directions sent were a bonus. will probably order more for my other pistols and shared the web site with my brothers . Reply
Amazing product! Love this holster Reply
Charles R. Allen
Superior material and craftsmanship. Easily the best two holsters I own. Reply
Timothy Doe
Excellent Reply
Scott Van Slyke
Exellent quality holster.Fit my 92 S perfectly and with a little polish and my buffer it is very nice Reply
Derek Yoshida
The holster is PERFECT!!! Fits my 1911 just right; I can button the strap with my weapon cocked and locked. Reply
Love the look and workmanship. Fit very tight. So tight that I had to force my Walter PPQ and it slid the action. Tried the plastic bag and still too tight. I'm sure with time to break in, it will be fine. Reply
Art Garibay
Very pleased with the quality and the craftsmanship. I truly recommend these leather holsters to friends and family members. Reply
very nice Reply
Finding a perfectly fitted holster for a 30 year old S&W 915 seemed impossible until I found Craft. I received the holster in about 3 weeks; not bad for something custom made for a gun that's been out of production for years. The holster is perfectly formed and the quality is excellent. Beautiful leather, and the fit couldn't be better. The 915 is fairly large and heavy, but this holster makes it very comfortable to carry. Worn at 4 O'clock, the forward cant is just right, and the gun conceals well under a jacket or coat. I've never owned a thumb-break holster and was concerned about an extra step in drawing the gun; the thumb-break works perfectly - releasing as soon as you grip the gun. Thanks Craft, I'm very satisfied. Reply
Britt Scott
Excellent fit and quality. Great holster Reply
Bob Martin
5 star rating for this holster. We'll finished. Fits weapon well. Perfect fit with 1 1/2" gun belt. I'd recommend it and will check with Craft on any future holster purchases. Reply
Eric Latta
This holster is everything that i expected. Very professional look durable, fits my gun perfectly like a glove. And less expensive than many of the others out there. Reply

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