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IPSC 1.5" Belt

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Should I Buy The IPSC 1.5" Belt?

Are you into competition shooting? Then this IPSC belt is your best choice. The belt consists of 2 layer, each made of highly durable nylon material. The inner belt is surfaced with Velcro to which the outer belt is attached. Such construction makes the belt not only durable, but also much more stable, which is a characteristic any solid shooting belt needs. The belt is 1.5'' wide.

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IPSC 1.5" Belt Review highlights

"My wife loved the Drop Leg Holster. Neither of us liked the IPSC Gun Belt. We ordered a NexBelt the same day. It took way too long to receive the holster and the belt and then were disappointed by the belt. We should have done more homework on the belt before we ordered it."

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IPSC 1.5" Belt Description

This custom nylon gun belt is specifically designed to fulfill the needs and demands of any dynamic competition shooter. This gun belt is made of high-quality nylon and it also features extremely durable stitching. Just like other IPSC belts, this one is also a combination of 2 belts in one. The inner belt is attached in a way a typical gun belt is - through the belt loops on one’s pants. The inside part of the outer belt is surfaced with a Velcro that needs to be attached to the inner belt. This IPSC belt is hand made, which also grants it a custom feel.

A great feature of this IPSC belt is the plastic plate that is integrated into the outer belt in the place where the gun holster is attached. This makes the holster even more stable and prevents it from moving around on the belt. This nylon IPSC belt is 1.5’’ wide and compatible with any holster with 1.5’’ wide belt openings or other mounting devices. The belt also features a very secure closing. This means the duty belt offers high security and it will not fail any competitive shooter. This extra strong and highly comfortable IPSC gun belt comes in black color. The belt is available in the following sizes - XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Note - Before selecting the correct belt length, make sure you properly measure your waist circumference. Then, select the belt size that indicates the sizing interval your waist circumference falls under. Each belt size in the "size" drop-down menu comes with two values. The value on the left indicates what's the smallest waist size the given belt size is appropriate for. The value on the right indicates the largest waist size the given belt size will fit. Example - If your waist circumference is 33.4'', you should select the size S. If it's more than 35.4'', you should pick the size M.

  • 1.5’’ wide gun belt
  • Ideal for dynamic competitive shooters
  • Fulfills all the needs and demand of any IPSC shooter
  • High-quality functional nylon
  • Durable stitching on either side of the belt
  • High durability, flexibility, and security
  • Durable and secure belt closing
  • Perfect match with any gun holster
  • Outer belt reinforced with a plastic plate in the holster location
  • Available in up to XXL sizes
  • Available in black color
  • Produced by Falco Holsters

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