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Duty Gear

A job of any Law Enforcement professional is to protect and serve others. However, even police officers deserve to be safe when on duty, fulfilling their mission. And that’s why we’re introducing our new duty gear. A proper custom duty gear not only helps protect those protecting lives of others, but it also helps keep police members their duty gear constantly at the ready.

Of course, a must have police duty gear must include a proper custom duty holster as well as a solid duty gun belt. These two are an absolute necessity. A high-quality duty gun belt will not only prevent your on-duty firearm and holster from sagging, but it will let you carry all of your on-duty gear attached safely to your waistline. Get a decent duty gun belt so that you have enough room around your waist area to carry your duty essentials such as handcuffs, baton, radio receiver, flashlight, taser, and more.

Material-wise, we offer two different types of duty gear. For those who love the feel and quality of genuine Italian cowhide, we offer custom leather duty gear. When matched with a custom leather duty holster, your new gear will not only allow you to carry with comfort and great fit, but also in style. For those who prefer lighter and perhaps a tad more practical duty gear, we offer a brand new line of custom nylon duty gear options. If you decide to have your service gear made of our premium nylon, don’t forget to get a custom nylon duty holster for your service pistol.
Duty Gear

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