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Velcro Holsters

Find holsters custom made for your gun.

Velcro Holsters

In the vast panorama of gun accessories, finding the right holster can be a daunting task. Not anymore! Craft Holsters brings to you an array of premium quality velcro holsters that promise not only functionality but also a sleek glove-like fit. Whether you are in search of a velcro gun holster that effortlessly merges with your semi-automatic pistol or a sophisticated velcro backed holster that speaks volumes about your style, our collection stands a class apart. Let's delve deeper into why a velcro holster from Craft Holsters should be your next choice.

The Craft Holsters Advantage

Choosing a holster is not just about finding a place to carry your firearm. It is about securing a dependable accessory that complements your investment perfectly. Here's why a Craft Holsters' velcro pistol holster stands out:

  1. Lifetime Warranty: A testimony to our confidence in the quality and durability of our products.
  2. Premium Materials: Crafted with top-notch materials that promise lasting functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Glove-like Fit: Designed to envelop your firearm in a snug fit, offering quick access and ensuring protection.
  4. Availability for Hundreds of Gun Models: Catering to a wide array of preferences with an extensive range of options to choose from.
  5. Right and Left-Handed Configuration: Ensuring comfort and accessibility for both right and left-handed users.

Whether you are seeking a velcro holster for bag usage or specifically looking for a velcro holster for backpack carry, our versatile range promises to meet all your specific needs seamlessly.

Seamless Integration with Your Lifestyle

In the dynamic world of firearms, a holster should be as adaptable and resilient as you are. Our velcro holsters are not only versatile but also blend effortlessly into your daily life. Are you planning a day out at the range or a quiet afternoon in the outdoors? A Craft Holster's velcro backed holster integrates effortlessly with your velcro belt, adding to the ease of carrying and quick accessibility.

Velcro Holster FAQ

Before you make your choice, here are some frequently asked questions to guide you through the benefits of choosing a velcro holster:

1. What is a velcro holster?

A velcro holster is a type of firearm holder that utilizes velcro panels to secure the gun in place. This allows for easy attachment and detachment to various surfaces such as bags, belts, or backpacks. These holsters offer flexibility and customization, allowing users to carry their firearms in a comfortable and accessible manner.

2. How to get a velcro holster onto a velcro belt?

Attaching a velcro holster onto a velcro belt is a straightforward process. First, open the belt and lay it flat. Next, align the velcro panels of the holster with the corresponding panels on the belt. Press firmly to secure the holster in place, ensuring that it is firmly attached and does not wobble. This allows for a secure and snug fit, making carrying your firearm easy and hassle-free.

What is the best hybrid holster?

The best velcro gun holster is always custom made and made from a blend of functional, and durable materials such as leather, nylon, or kydex. These holsters also have to be molded exactly for your firearm model. Among the best velcro gun holsters on our offer are:

  1. Velcro Kydex Holster
  2. Velcro Nylon Holster

Velcro Holsters

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