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Mid Ride Holsters

Find holsters custom made for your gun.

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Mid Ride Holsters

Discover the unparalleled blend of comfort and convenience that mid ride holsters offer. At Craft Holsters, we have honed the art holsters that promise not only durability but also a seamless conceal carry experience. When it comes to carrying your semi-automatic pistols and revolvers, understanding the nuances of low ride vs mid ride holster is crucial. Allow us to guide you through the benefits of opting for a mid ride holster, designed meticulously to meet your specific needs.

Benefits Of Mid Ride Holsters?

Craft Holsters has established itself as a trusted name in the holster industry, and our mid ride holsters are no exception. Experience the plethora of benefits that come with choosing one of our finely crafted mid ride holsters:

  1. Lifetime Warranty: Rest easy knowing that your investment is protected for a lifetime. We stand firmly behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products.
  2. Premium Materials: Crafted using materials of the highest quality, these holsters promise longevity and endurance, keeping your firearm secure and protected.
  3. Glove-like Fit: Our holsters are designed to encapsulate your firearm in a snug, glove-like fit, ensuring both comfort and retention.
  4. Availability for Hundreds of Gun Models: Catering to a broad spectrum of gun enthusiasts, our range accommodates hundreds of gun models, facilitating ease of choice and compatibility.
  5. Right and Left-Handed Configuration: We acknowledge the needs of all our customers, offering both right and left-handed configurations to accommodate your shooting preference.

Our commitment is to provide you with a product that exceeds expectations and meets the demanding requirements of gun enthusiasts.

The Craft Holsters Difference

Understanding the intricate balance between low ride vs mid ride holster is essential when choosing the right gear for you. A mid ride holster sits higher on the belt, facilitating quicker draws and adding an extra layer of comfort. It bridges the gap between comfort and accessibility, making it a preferred choice for many. On the other hand, low ride holsters sit lower on the belt, allowing for a more concealed carry but might slow down the draw speed slightly. At Craft Holsters, we focus on bringing you the best of both worlds, integrating the benefits of both designs into our mid ride holsters.

Mid Ride Holsters FAQ

As you consider making a purchase, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision:

What is a mid ride holster?

A mid ride holster is a type of holster that is designed to be carried at a level that is midway between the belt and the waistline. It offers a comfortable carry position, facilitating a quick and smooth draw. It's a popular choice for those seeking both comfort and accessibility in their holster.

How to conceal a mid ride holster?

Concealing a mid ride holster can be achieved through the use of clothing that drapes well over the holster area. It is advisable to choose a holster that is compact and streamlined in design. Additionally, wearing jackets, untucked shirts, or vests can effectively conceal a mid ride holster, ensuring that you can carry your firearm discreetly and confidently.

What is the difference between mid ride and low ride holsters?

The primary difference between a mid ride and a low ride holster lies in their positioning on the belt. A mid ride holster is positioned higher on the belt, offering quicker access to the firearm, while a low ride holster sits lower, providing a deeper level of concealment. The choice between the two often depends on individual preferences, with some prioritizing ease of draw, while others prefer a more concealed carry.

What is the best mid ride holster?

The best mid ride holsters are always custom made from premium, functional, and durable materials, such as full-grain Italian leather. They are also molded exactly for your firearm model. The best mid ride holsters on our offer are:

  1. Belt Tunnel Holster
  2. Open Top Leather Belt Holster

How to break in a mid ride holster?

If you get one the best mid ride holsters above, it’s highly likely you won’t need to do any break-in. However, in case your new holster feels a bit too tight, just follow our Break-in Guide. And if you don’t have any break-in solution at hand, feel free to get our Small Break-in Kit, which comes with everything you need for a successful mid ride  holster break-in.
Mid Ride Holsters

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