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Competition Holsters

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Competition Holsters

Just like their name suggests, competition holsters are the best choice for competition shooters. This is the reason why custom competition holsters are most frequently used for dynamic or action shooting rather than for personal and home defense.

As dynamic competition shooters seek after super rapid draw, these holsters are often referred to as quick draw belt holsters. This also suggests what the best way to carry a competition holster is. Competition holsters are almost exclusively carried outside the waistband.

In order to secure the quickest draw possible, competition holsters feature an open-top design. Some competition holsters come with a straight cant while others feature a slightly forward-leaning cant. Holsters for competition shooting almost never cover the entire slide of your pistol.

Competition holsters are often made of leather or kydex. The advantage of custom leather competition holsters is that the leather is always molded to fit the specs of your competition handgun like a glove. On top of great fit, kydex competition holsters many times offer even higher levels of retention.

Competition Holsters Competition Holsters Competition Holsters

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