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Custom shop Leather Holsters

Leather holsters have been present since the very beginning. Cowhide and horsehide are the most common, but there are other options such as sharkskin, elephant hide, ostrich hide etc. if you have the money, patience and you want your gun to be carried in something luxurious. Leather holsters are an all time favorite of many gun users as they are uniquely beautiful because they receive patina overtime. But leather has also its non-aesthetic quality, it can be easily manipulated by a craftsman, it can be cut, its form can be shaped, colored and made to fit perfectly.Hand made leather holster offer great retention because the gun fits perfectly into the holster.

Drawing may be difficult early on, but after a ‘break – in’ of the holster this is no longer a problem. The draw is really quiet too. The durability depends on the endeavor of the owner. Leather is a material that needs care. Avoid moisture and extremely hard circumstances, clean it and keep it dry and it becomes almost indestructible. The more a leather holster is worn the better looking and moreover more fitting it becomes.It slowly adapts to the owners body molding to the contours. Leather holsters are a good choice for concealed carry holsters – they fit and offer a quiet draw. The benefits of leather holsters are aesthetics, retention, comfort, low drawing noise, long lasting durability concealed carry option.

Custom shop Leather Holsters Custom shop Leather Holsters Custom shop Leather Holsters

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