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Women's Holsters

Even though women are sometimes difficult to please, our selection of custom women’s holsters might be able to achieve that. Holsters for women aren’t a carry category per se, as what suits one female shooter doesn’t have to work for the rest. This means that holsters for women should be picked based on the intended firearm use and a particular situation.

As most women prefer to carry micro and compact sized handguns such as the SIG P365 or Charter Arms Chic Lady, they usually go for custom IWB holsters or custom made appendix holsters. These holsters are attached from the inside of one’s pants and they work best if they are paired up with a proper gun belt for women.

Another great type of women’s holsters for concealed carry are belly band holsters. This carry style is mainly suitable for ladies who are active and spend a lot of time outdoors. Most belly bands for women let them carry not just the handgun, but they come with ample room with a couple of spare magazines. Also, if a custom belly band holster for female shooters is properly made, it can be easily concealed under just a T-shirt and it doesn’t leave any imprint.

There are also quite many female shooters who prefer open carry holsters for women. Among the best open carry holsters for female shooters are women’s OWB holsters as well as shoulder holsters for women. As there are a lot of women in Law Enforcement, there’s quite many duty holsters for women or women’s paddle holsters available.

Women who don’t wish to compromise their look with a standard holster often search for alternative, off-body concealed carry options for female shooters. This is the reason why concealed carry bags and women’s concealment purses enjoy so much popularity.
Women's Holsters Women's Holsters Women's Holsters

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