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Nylon Double Speed Loader Pouch

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Should I Buy The Nylon Double Speed Loader Pouch?

Made of genuine Italian leather and premium nylon, this speedloader pouch is very comfortable to carry. The pouch takes in 2 extra speedloaders and it's designed for OWB carry. The pouch features a closed-top design, which makes your speedloaders very secure and as it features 2 tension screws, you can adjust its retention to your liking.

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Nylon Double Speed Loader Pouch Review highlights

"Just what I've been looking for not made from a flimsy material very sturdy"

Nylon Double Speed Loader Pouch Description

This custom nylon speedloader pouch is designed for outside the waistband carry. Material-wise, this OWB magazine pouch is a combination of premium Italian leather and high-quality functional layered nylon. The pouch takes in 2 speedloaders at the time and it is built on the exact replica of your speedloaders, which results in a perfect, glove-like fit. The entire pouch is hand made, which gives it a unique, custom feel. This double speedloader pouch sits on a platform entirely made of leather. The platform features 2 openings through which it can be installed on the belt. These evenly spaced attachment points secure high stability of the pouch on one’s belt. The pouch features 2 closing flaps, which grants your speedloaders enough security even if you are moving a lot when carrying. The pouch also features 2 retention screws, through which you can adjust draw resistance to your liking. This double speedloader pouch is available in black color and it is suitable for both right and left-handed shooters.

Please, note that the speedloader pouch is designed to fit a standard HKS Speeloader.
  • OWB carry
  • Hand made product
  • Extra durable nylon
  • Designed for 2 speedloaders
  • Custom, glove-like fit
  • Leather platform
  • 2 belt slots for extra stability
  • 2 closing flaps for increased security
  • 2 tension screws - adjustable cant and draw resistance
  • Black color
  • Right and left-handed

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