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Should I Buy The Cross Body CC Bag?

This off-body, concealed carry bag is an ideal choice for shoulder or hip carry. Even though the bag features a minimalistic design, it will still take in any handgun of up to 5 inches barrel length equipped with a tactical light or laser, while leaving enough room for the rest of your EDC items.

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Cross Body CC Bag Description

This custom nylon fanny pack is designed for off-body carry and can be worn in several ways. Thanks to the adjustable cross-body sling strap, you can carry it on your back and chest, but you can also attach the fanny pack to your waist. This CCW fanny pack is fully made of multi-layered, impact-resistant, premium nylon that’s both durable and breathable.

This fanny pack for concealed carry features 2 different compartments. The main compartment in the rear is designed to take in a handgun of up to 5’’ barrel length. There’s an elastic Velcro platform inside the compartment, which securely holds your handgun. This compartment can be locked with two zippers and it also features a rip-opening system.

The frontal compartment can be used for storage of your documents, handheld flashlight, or even a couple of extra magazines. This CCW pack is available in black color and it’s a great off-body choice for right-handed shooters.

Note - This concealed carry fanny pack is meant for right-handed shooters only.
  • Designed for shoulder or hip carry
  • Made of multi-layered, functional nylon
  • 2 different compartments
  • Takes in guns of up to 5’’ barrel length
  • Ample room for your entire EDC
  • Takes in pistols with tactical lights and lasers
  • Rip opening for quick and easy access
  • Available in black color
  • Ideal choice for deep concealed carry
  • Designed for right-handed shooters only

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