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Belt Pouch With Concealed Gun Holster

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Brand: Falco Holster

148 Customer Reviews

“Tactical belt pouch” is a very practical concealed carry option. Perfect for an all day carry and for the use during any sports activities.

Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Concealed Gun Compartment
Concealed Gun Compartment
Layered Functional Nylon
Layered Functional Nylon
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty


The Belt Pouch is designed for the concealed gun carry. The pouch includes a main gun compartment with gun holder and additional two zippered pockets on the front. The gun is secured in the holster by the elastic material and double secured by Velcro closing. The belt pouch is available in four different sizes for a perfect gun fit. The belt pouch is ideal for comfortable everyday carry and for the use during the sport activities. 

This pouch is available in 4 sizes:

  Max Gun Length Height Width Depth
Size 1 5.5" 6.30" 4.72" 0.98"
Size 2 6.9" 7.48" 5.90" 0.98"
Size 3 8" 8.85" 5.90" 0.98"
Size 4 10" 10.62" 5.90" 0.98"


Pouch That Will Take Care Of The Gun

The strong sides of this pouch are a light and breathable nylon and good stitching. The pouch has more compartments to offer space for your belongings while still holding the gun firmly and offering a fast draw. The pouch is ambidextrous and has a quick zip opening allowing a rip-draw.

Two Belt Loops To Support The Weight

The pouch is held on the belt via two belt loops that are on the sides of the back part. The two loops prevent the pouch from wobbling around the belt and are offer a reliable base for a speed draw.

Easy Draw Thanks To The Optimized Size

The pouch contains a inner velcro-based holster that is removable and can be positioned so that your gun can be drawn perfectly in different positions on the belt. The overall length  of the gun determines the size of the pouch. This has to be kept in mind while ordering.

Premium Materials Are The Key

The nylon material used to make this pouch is layered and breathable. The various compartments and parts have different stitching and details that help the functionality of the pouch as a whole. The back part is supported via a cross-stitch, the front has reinforced edges and the zipper can be forcefully rip-opened to allow a speed draw.

Pistols And Revolvers

We tested the holster for both pistols and revolvers. The pistol fits without any problems as usual and seen on the pictures as well as the revolver. Both types of handguns are securely accommodated.

  • Concealed gun carry
  • Available in black, blue, green and pink color
  • Suitable for guns with light or laser
  • Rear gun holster compartment, additional zippered pockets
  • Double Velcro closing for perfect stability
  • Quick zip opening
  • Ambidextrous use, suitable for both handed shooters
  • 5 year limited Warranty
Falco Holster
Buy back guarantee

We'll Buy It Back Guarantee

We believe in the quality and fit of our holsters to that extent, that we'll buy them back from you if you ever consider a return of our product within 30 days.

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We believe in the quality and fit of our holsters to that extent, that we'll buy them back from you if you ever consider a return of our product within 30 days.

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