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Best 9mm Holster: Ultimate Selection for Gun Owners

three different leather holsters for 9mm guns three different leather holsters for 9mm guns three different leather holsters for 9mm guns


There's no denying that the 9x19mm Parabellum (also knows as 9mm Luger) is the most widely used handgun caliber. However, when Georg Luger introduced the caliber in 1901, he'd probably had no idea that it would also become the most popular cartridge for both service and civilian use. The reason for its popularity is quite obvious - it's cheap and effective.

As the popularity of the caliber had been rising throughout the 20th century (and it still is), it's no wonder there were many great 9mm pistols introduced. And the more 9mm semi autos and revolvers there are, the more 9mm holsters are needed. And that's why I'm here today. To show you what some of the best holsters for 9mm pistols are.


how to choose the best 9mm holster?


Which 9mm holsters to select largely depends on a number of factors. Even though most doesn't like to hear this, what matters most is the size ... of your pistol. The holster styles that suit full-size 9mm handguns don't necessarily have to be the best choice when it comes to 9mm carry guns, which come in sub- to micro-compact sizes. When it comes to mid size handguns (Glocks, XDs, FNs, or CZs), these are most often used for on-duty or service use where carry styles not that popular among general public are used.

But size isn't everything, guys. What also matters are the circumnstances in which you need both your 9mm pistol and holster. If you get a concealed carry 9mm pistol, you'll also need a 9mm CCW holster. In case you spend hours on end driving, you'll need a 9mm holster for car. If you're an on-duty professional, you'll most probably benefit from a 9mm duty holster. And this list goes on.

I'd love this guide to earn the "ultimate" tag, which is I'll now show you what the best 9mm holsters for different types of guns, gun sizes, and carry purposes are ... And I'm quite positive you'll find exactly the 9mm holster you need.


#1 - the best 9mm holsters for concealed carry

a guy carrying a concealed carry holster and his 9mm gun a guy carrying a concealed carry holster and his 9mm gun a guy carrying a concealed carry holster and his 9mm gun a guy carrying a concealed carry holster and his 9mm gun


Let's start with what the most popular 9mm handguns are often used for - everyday concealed carry. This means we'll take a look at CCW holsters for some of the most popular 9mm carry guns such as the Springfield Hellcat, SIG P365, Glock 43X, Taurus G2c, or S&W M&P Shield. The holsters I'll show you can be made for any of these 9mm pistols and they are always built to match the exact specs of each and every one of them.

But a great fit is not a great 9mm concealed carry holster needs. Such a holster also needs to be comfortable and easy to conceal. Apart from that, it has to be durable and, most importantly, as safe as it gets. Let's now look at 2 holsters that meet all of these requirements.


the best 9mm IWB holster

The first 9mm leather holster on our list is designed for both inside the waistband and appendix carry. The holster comes with a steel clip, which makes it easy to attach and it also boasts a safety strap, which increases the holster's retention. While it can be made for guns of any size, it works best with the smaller carry guns. So, if you need let's say a great 9mm Hellcat holster meant for IWB carry, you've just found one.


9mm holster with mag pouch

If your carry gun doesn't come with at least 10 rounds of ammo (such as the Glock 43), a holster storing an extra magazine might come in handy. This 9mm appendix holster features a 9mm magazine holder, but as it maintains a low profile, it's still great for 9mm concealed carry. As it comes in an open-top deisgn, the holster offers easy access and quick draw.



#2 - the best full size 9mm holsters for open carry

1911 handguns in OWB holsters 1911 handguns in OWB holsters 1911 handguns in OWB holsters 1911 handguns in OWB holsters


No matter the caliber, full-size handguns aren't that great for concealed carry, which is why we'll now shift to open carry 9mm holsters. And there's probably no better choice than OWB holsters. But what does a great outside the waistband holster for full-size 9mm pistols need?

First of all, it needs to be sturdy. Secondly, it has to retain your gun well. It also needs to be stable and ride well on the belt. Last but not least, an ideal 9mm OWB holster must be comfortable to carry. Let's now take a look at 2 holsters that fit this bill perfectly.


9mm OWB leather holster

This is one of the best OWB holsters for full size 9mm handguns. The leather thumb break strap can be adjusted for cocked & locked carry, which makes it one of the best 9mm 1911 holsters out there. The holster features double stitching, which increases its durability. Also, it comes in the popular 9mm pancake holster design, which makes it quite easy to conceal even when carried outside the waistband.


Quick draw 9mm holster

This 9mm hip holster comes in an open-top design, which allows for super quick draw and intiutive re-holstering. Even though there's no safety strap, the holster is always molded on the exact replica of your pistol, which means it fits like a glove and boasts high natural retention. The holster is quite easy to conceal and it makes for a great 9mm Glock 17 or 9mm Springfield XD holster.



#3 - The best 9mm holsters for car carry

leather shoulder holster for 9mm handguns leather shoulder holster for 9mm handguns leather shoulder holster for 9mm handguns leather shoulder holster for 9mm handguns


We love guns, but we also love cars, right? However, spending hours on end driving also means spending all that time alone (well, mostly). That's why it's also good to stay protected. And what the best holsters for drivers carrying (not just) 9mm guns are? Cross draw and shoulder holsters!

These holster styles deliver most carry comfort when behind the wheel. Cross draw 9mm holsters are super easy to draw from thanks to their forward leaning cant. They are also a great choice for people with office jobs or for anyone suffering from shoulder injuries.

Shoulder holsters are another great option for drivers. As the gun is carried in the torso area, there's no discomfort when you're sitting. While a shoulder holster isn'tt the best choice for small 9mm handguns, it might be one of your best options if you carry a mid- or full-sized firearm. If you carry a SIG P365XL or Glock 19 sized handgun, then you might want a horizontal shoulder holster. If you've got a 5 inch 1911 or Beretta 92FS, then vertical shoulder holster is a better choice.


9mm shoulder holster for car

A 9mm car holster doesn't get any better than this. This leather shoulder holster for 9mm pistols is very comfortable, easily concealed with just a jacket, and it even comes with a double 9mm magazine pouch. The holster also features a roto system, which allows you to draw your gun in a horizontal position even though it's carried vertically.


9mm cross-draw car holster

When talking about car carry, one cannot omit 9mm cross draw holsters. Carrying like this is definitely very comfortable for both drivers and office workers. Drawing from a cross-draw 9mm holster is very convenient when behind the wheel and if you're right-handed, the holster can hardly even be noticed as it's carried on your left hip, right next to the door of your drive.


#4 - the best 9mm revolver holsters

a 9mm revolver holster a 9mm revolver holster a 9mm revolver holster a 9mm revolver holster


For some of you, this might come across as a bit of a surprise, but there are really quite many 9mm revolvers out there. And what's the most essential thing a wheel gun chambered in the 9x19mm Parabellum (or 9mm Luger) needs? Well, the answer is rather simple - a great 9x19mm revolver holster. Let's have a look at two particular holsters for 9mm revolvers.


concealed carry 9mm revolver holster

Whether you have a Ruger SP101 9mm, Charter Arms Pitbull 9mm, or S&W Model 986 chambered for the 9mm Luger, this holster is your best choice as far as 9mm revolvers for concealed carry go. This 9mm leather holster for revolvers allows you to tuck a layer of clothes into the holster, which renders it pretty much invisible. The open-top design delivers quick draw and the belt loop secures easy attachment.


chest holster for 9mm revolvers

Chest holsters have become a very popular revolver carry style. This 9mm revolver chest holster is made of genuine Italian leather, which makes it look great. However, it also boasts a lot of utility as it comes with a bunch of loops for extra 9mm revolver ammo. If you like to spend time outdoors and you need a reliable and highly functional carry option, then this leather chest holster for 9mm revolvers is your best choice.


#5 - the best 9mm light-bearing holsters

light bearing holster for 9mm guns with lights light bearing holster for 9mm guns with lights light bearing holster for 9mm guns with lights light bearing holster for 9mm guns with lights


Does your 9mm pistol come with a tactical light or laser? Then you'll need a holster that's specifically molded to fit the specs of both your gun and light. Luckily, there's quite many holsters for 9mm guns with lights available, you just need to pick one that's made specifically for your setup. I'll now show you two such holsters, but in case you'd like to see some more options, check out our recent guide on the best light-bearing holsters for 2021 (and beyond), available here.


9mm light holster for concealed carry

This piece of leather is an excellent choice for IWB carry of 9mm guns with lights and lasers. The holster comes with a steel clip, which makes its attachment super easy. Even though this 9mm IWB light holster covers the entire barrel and your light, it comes in an open-top design, allowing for quick draw and reholstering. Want to carry your 9mm pistol with light fully concealed? Then choose this holster.


owb holster for 9mm guns with lights

This might be the best 9mm light holster for open carry. Due to a slightly forward-learning cant, this 9mm leather OWB holster works best when carried in 3 or 4 o'clock belt position. The holster features a safety strap, making both your gun and light/laser secure when holstered. If you don't need to carry concealed, this light-bearing 9mm holster is your best choice.


#6 - the best 9mm duty holsters

9mm leather duty holster 9mm leather duty holster 9mm leather duty holster 9mm leather duty holster


As the 9x19mm Parabellum is the most popular service caliber, we can't forget to mention duty holsters for 9mm pistols. When it comes to Law Enforcement professionals, they mostly carry standard 9mm duty holsters that differ from standard 9mm OWB holsters in a couple of features such as ride height and retention level.

Military professionals often go for alternative ways of attachment, which can be found for example in 9mm paddle holsters. These holsters are most often attached via a rotary paddle, allowing for multiple draw angles. 9mm drop leg holsters are also a popular holster style among the armed forces as they are incredibly tactical.

But let's narrow it down a bit and take a look at 2 excellent duty holsters for 9mm handguns.


leather duty holster for 9mm guns

If you're a fan of leather, this 9mm duty holster is your best choice, no matter whether you are an on-duty professional or not. It comes in the popular basket-weave finish, which makes it look very classy. The holster has a ride height suitable for duty carry and it features a thumb break strap, which is a feature required by many Law Enforcement agencies around the world.


9mm drop leg holster

In case you're not a leather kind of guy (you should be, though), I've got a great 9mm nylon holster for you. This drop leg holster for 9mm pistols is ideal for any Law Enforcement or military professionals who are looking for a great and highly tactical 9mm holster. Why? Well, not only does it allow great acces, the holster also comes with a pouch for an extra 9mm magazine and it features multiple retention devices.



conclusion - what's the best 9mm holster?


I know this tale is getting older, but Sselecting the right 9x19mm holster really comes down to personal preference. If you live in a state with strict CCW laws, then I suggest you select one of these 9mm concealed carry holsters. In case your 9mm carry gun is something as tiny as Springfield Hellcat, SIG P365, or Glock 43, then you can never go wrong with a 9mm IWB or appendix holster.

If you carry a guna s big as a 9mm 1911 and/or live in a state that allows for open carry, then you should explore the world of 9mm OWB holsters or even 9mm duty holsters. But don't forget that if your pistol comes with a tactical light or laser, you'll most certainly need a 9mm light bearing holster.

One way or another, make sure you pick a holster that's custom made to match the exact specs of your 9mm handgun. Any of the holsters above is built exactly that way, but in case you'd like to have more to choose from, just hit that button below and I'm sure you'll find your new 9mm holster.



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